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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It has been to my attention that viral websites like Viralnova and ThoughtCatalog are really popular recently and ONLY after reading the "101 things you should know about your other half", "6 things you should do in the morning", "24 reasons why you should do this","84 reasons why you should do that'.... I just want to list down MY collection of thoughts and NO, I do not need them to go viral. I just want to write what I want so read if you want. Close the browser if you don't.

5 things that really annoys me about the human species.

(1) People that can relate EVERY SINGLE THING to the government. (Read: Blame)

A body has been found in XX reservoir this morning at 9am.
Comments: Orh hor, you see lah. Bring in somemore foreign talent la. Got murder liao. Sg not safe lah. Stupid government, only know how to allow more FT and let cases like this happen!

MY comment: A murder has happened. Someone was killed. The government did not pressurize the murderer into killing. A fellow human has killed another and it does not matter whether the murderer was a local or a foreigner or even a half-blood prince. Someone has died. Period.

A traffic accident has happened along "Lower Garden Road".
Comments: You see lah. The government make so many ERP than now hor people all travel to "Lower Garden Road" then accident there now. 

MY Comment: An accident is an accident. Whether or not a new ERP has been built, the accident is bound to happen. The government did not send a threatening sms to the driver to tell him that they built a new ERP and forcing him to go by another route. Things happen, suck it up.

-- There was once I made a comment on Facebook about the Little India riots and I wanted people to stop criticizing the Indian workers because they did a lot to help build the roads and other stuffs in our countries and that we shouldn't condemn the whole lot just because of 1 incident. I can' backtrack that comment because it was way too far down my timeline but I remember that someone commented that the WE pay so much taxes to the government and yet all the police do is patrol neighbourhood places and do random screenings on us instead of doing MORE patrol in the Little India vicinity, controlling all the drunkards and he was indirectly blaming the government for the influx of the foreign talents etc. And you know what? His wife is a foreigner. I don't even know whether to laugh or to cry. Humans. Ahhh.

People who knows me will know my political views but that does not make me a complainer who blames every single thing towards the government. I am unhappy with fare hikes and other demanding increases in prices but I do not find every other excuses to bash the government as and when I like. I am rational and I think a lot of people here have to learn how to be rational too. It speaks a lot about you when all you do all day long is blame everyone but yourself.

(2) People who keeps complaining about their life but do NOTHING about it.

I am so fat.

I see people complaining that they are FAT every single day and yet, I also see them posting food photos on Instagram every meal times. Like fuck you, if you are really worried that you are gaining too much weight than go on a diet and stop gorging. I see you posting some broccoli + chicken breast photo in the afternoon and during dinner time, I see a post of french fries, ice cream and waffles. Just stay fat please.

24 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing 

(3) People who are DOWNRIGHT RUDE, for NO reason at all.

I seriously cannot tolerate rudeness. Those people who cannot even utter a single "Thank you" when you hold the lift door for them or when you give up your seat for them. I have had it with you people. Nobody owes you shit. The least you could do is... be grateful. 

Last Saturday, I went to Chinatown to squeeze in the crowd to absorb some CNY spirit. I walked pass these 2 teenagers who were selling this remote-controlled airplane toy. Somewhat similar to what the boy is playing with in the photo below. 

So it was really crowded and most parents had their kids sitting on their necks. The teenagers were navigating the toy at a certain height and they were certainly NOT disturbing anyone. 

This particular father had his son sitting on his neck and was walking below the toy airplane that was buzzing above. The toy airplane was neither disturbing or even blocking his route. But guess what? He simply grabbed the toy airplane and threw it to the floor. FOR NO REASON. He was just plain rude and nasty to people who did NOTHING to him. What a good example he is to his son. The teenagers who were selling the product were flabbergasted but they did nothing. They simply took the broken toy back to the shop with a glum look. 

(4) Everything also want to STOMP crowd.

Come on lah! If the foreign workers don't sleep at void decks than where do they sleep? At your house? Can you invite them in to sleep in your luxurious queen-sized beds and even offer them to use your air-conditioning for free? I sometimes wonder what goes on in the minds of the STOMP website regulators... Do they even read if the STOMPERS who contribute makes any sense in their postings?

A little boy was trapped on the escalator and someone I know was actually the one who took a photo and sent it in to Stomp when the rest of the people were helping the poor boy who was stuck. Okay, never mind. Maybe she wanted to send in the photo to STOMP to create awareness, I accept. A few weeks later, I saw her asking for votes for that article that she sent in to STOMP.... So that she can win the Stomp Citizen Journalism Award. Walao eh. Si mi sai. You are broadcasting people's misery so that you can earn votes to get some stupid award. ARE YOU THAT DESPERATE!!!! 

Another stomper took a photo of a man sitting at a road divider and than questions why was the man sitting there when it was so dangerous. You had the freaking time to take a photo and send it in to STOMP then why did you not walk over to ask if the man is okay????? And then some stupid commentator again...

(5) People who feel that you should be in the same scenario as they are just because of what they ASSUME/THINK...

I am sorry to whoever who gets offended by this but sorry, I am not sorry. 

I love children but that does not mean I am ready for one.
I am in a 5 year long relationship but that does not mean I am ready for marriage.
I am attached but that does not mean I cannot have guy friends.
I love to sing but that does not mean that I can.
My boyfriend is a professional Muay Thai fighter but that does not mean he will beat up anyone who befriends me. (Most of the time, I am more protective of him than he is of me)
I speak my mind but that does not mean I look for fights all the time. 
I wrote a book but that does not mean I am filthy rich.

I cannot stand the way people link things together. Total irrelevant things.

(a) Since you mention that you started working since you are 15, you must be damn rich now right? + you wrote a book. 

I started work since I am 15 and I fed myself since I was 15. I pay for my own bills, I pay my mum's bills, I survive ON MY OWN. How does that make me rich? FYI, I live in a rented one-room flat but that does not make me poor either. I have a roof over my head. Stop assuming things for me can?

(b) You mentioned that you was sexually abused by your stepfather, don't your boyfriend mind that you are no longer a virgin?

WHAT!!!!!! I said I was sexually abused, I didn't say I was raped what. Y U NO GO BUY A COPY OF MY BOOK AND READ LEH. 

And thank you for those who said I am pretty so that is why I got sexually abused. Irrelevant totally but I am going to worry for your daughters definitely.

24 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing

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