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River Safari Singapore
Sunday, December 15, 2013

And so, I went to River Safari at the Singapore Zoological Gardens located at Mandai this morning. The "Amazon Boat Ride" had just opened and everyone was hyped up about it! 

My brother chosed River Safari when I asked him where did he wanted to go for his advanced birthday celebration and so we went! Initially, we had planned to visit the place around 11.30am but we were told that it was best to go early because the queue would be crazy and we may not have a chance to take the boat ride if we did not go early! 

Only one selfie today because... No because.

Waking up at 7.30am on a Sunday was =O... But I love my brother, so yes, the power of love. We reached the place at around 8.45am and since our boat ride was scheduled for 10am, we ate our breakfast at the "Ah Meng Cafe" outside the zoo. 

"Ah Meng Cafe" was horrible. They were understaffed and the waiting time for food was so long!!! I ordered a toast bread set meal and I couldn't even get a small saucer to crack my soft-boiled eggs in! What a bummer! 

Anyway, back to the core, the boat ride is complimentary as of now and I really think it should still stay free forever. Haha.

We had to walk quite a distance just to catch the boat ride and everyone had to queue and queue and queue. Typical Singaporeans.

We got photobombed! 

Although I don't get to see this little rascal very often and even though we have a 10 year age-gap, I am still happy that we bond very well! 

And this is my sister from another mother. We have the same personality and she always understands my lame jokes!

This is the entrance for the boat ride. 

Sadly, there wasn't much to see because all of the animals were either hiding or sleeping somewhere. They must be feeling lazy too.

The ride only lasted about 10 minutes and it was really really meh. It wasn't interesting at all but I liked that the ride was comfortable with little waves of spalshes that made us all excited! 

You all can picture how I'll look like in another 20 years, with pink hair too. Haha. 

Pink flamingoes are really beautiful and I made a really good joke as we passed them. 

James: Why do they only stand on one foot and hide the other?
Me: Why put in twice the effort when you can easily do it with one? 

Ok, maybe it didn't sound funny but at that moment, it was quite a laugh. 

I touched a hedgehog and saw this cute little monkey who is so adorable because it rejects all vegetables! And hedgehog should totally be a pet! It is SOOO cute!

The star attraction there was the pandas but we only got to see Kai Kai because Jia Jia is a shy one. Kai Kai just sat there like the coolest panda you'll ever see! 

Oh, and red pandas were super damn cute pls. I would love it as a pet too! 

Kai Kai, sitting there just zoning out. Cool as cucumber.

I saw huge-ass crocodiles there too and I realized that all animals were damn lazy. They don't move and they just stone there in one position for some time, making them look like some fake toy. And James said I was an animal because I am as lazy as they are. 

It was a SUPER tiring day but I really had fun and I hope Russel did too. 

Aftermath was spent at Ichiban Sushi and Russel was super embarrassed when we surprised him with a small cake. Awkward boy. 

He says we should just surprise him at a void deck instead of a restaurant. Siao ding dong. 

Anyway, I don't think River Safari was very worth it. $25 for Adult tickets and $16 for Kid's tickets. It's not a place that I will always frequent but it's good for "long long one time" AND AND AND, it's less stuffy than going to the zoo. Hehe.

Thanks for reading! 

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