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What I Hate About Facebook?
Friday, October 11, 2013

Hi everyone, birthday week is here and I am in an extremely good mood!  If you don't remember, I was dealing with mild depression awhile ago because of someone. You can track back the posts here HERE and HERE. I am feeling SO much better now. 

I heard from KK that she was back to haunt him recently because she found out that KK had deleted her from Facebook. She went completely insane and threatened him to return her his salary... She said that her ego was hurt and her reputation was ruined because he deleted her off Facebook. 

Seriously........ SEEMEEEEEEELANNNNNNNNNNN...........

*inserts expletives** WHAT THE HECK? 

All her anger and hatred towards us was all due to the fact that we decided not to be friends with her on Facebook anymore. What I am puzzled is that why unfriending someone on Facebook could lead to her feeling that we have badly bruised her ego and ruined her reputation? 

FACEBOOK comes up with loads of creative and new functions all the time but FACEBOOK does not do stuffs like that :

"Jolene Snow has just UNFRIENDED Person A."

So it all comes to my entry today to describe what I really hate about Facebook.

(1) I seriously do not GIVE A DAMN what photo or what paged you just liked so why does Facebook like to make what you liked appear on my NEWS FEED?

Person X just liked "The Porn Hub" 

-_- My whole impression of that particular friend will change in 1 second, all thanks to Facebook.

(2) Liking YOUR own status and your OWN photos or anything that you just posted is just PLAIN stupid please. Why would anyone post something that they do not like?

Person Y posted a status : "Why must it rain at this time? I hate you, sky!"
Person Y liked this status.

SO, tell me! Do you actually like the rain or NOT?I cannot figure you out.


(3) Boob-dangling photos of all you......*coughs* whor... ladies.

Most of the people in my Facebook who does these are....... MOTHERS. Young mothers to be exact. I am not discriminating. Hey, you've got rounded boobs, I clap for you ok. But keep it for yourself or for your man. I know that boobs get bigger and plumper after you give birth because of all the hormonal happenings and what nots but do you have to show it for all the whole world to see? You post it for the sake of attention, we all know it okay! And when 10 or more hormone-raging males starts to comment horny comments, you reply stuffs like "Eh, f*ck you lah." Wait, what were you expecting? "I like your hair?" You must be kidding me, sister! If you like the fact that you are giving out free whanking material for all the man out there, please continue but please get outta my sight, or my news feed, in this case.

(4) I cannot stand people who post their ulcers, sore eyes or anything disgusting on Facebook. You are sick, you have seen a doctor.... go get some rest. Why must you post your pus-filled mouth ulcer on Facebook. Will getting 5 "ouch, that hurts, get well soon" comments make your ulcer feel any better? Maybe you could post it if your ulcer leaked purple pus or if your sore eyes were so sore that your pupil disappeared... That would be some facebook worthy photo. But other than that, eat your meds and go to sleep. 

Fuck, I just went to google purple ulcer and purple vein in eyes and I am now on the verge of vomiting. Hate you guys.

I go on Facebook because I want to see my friend's updates, look at photos of their wedding, babies, happy gatherings. I want to socialize with people whom I have not been able to meet for sometime. I do not need to see all those unnecessary photos and rubbish. Recently, I am guilty of unfollowing someone on Instagram because all her selfies look EXACTLY the same. And she posts them daily, FHL. Ctrl C + Ctrl V everyday buay sian meh?

Even Xiaxue's baby has got more expressions that her.

Share with me what you absolutely hate about Facebook and I will retweet them!

Sidetrack a bit. Birthday hype has started as early as Wednesday and I am extremely thankful for the little cake that Jasmin bought, the watch that I received from the lovely people and the "ang bao" that I received at work. I reckon the next few days will be hell lotsa fun and I will sharing the love on Facebook.

Tweet/Post with the hashtag #SendLoveToSnow if you want to wish me Happy Birthday on Saturday!  

P.S: I just received an email from Jobstreet wishing me "Happy Birthday"... Too cute pls.

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