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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

5 long years. 
It hasn't been easy but can I say that it had been the best 5 years of my 23 years on this Earth.

All the good times, all the bad times, all the times hand in hand with each other. At 18 years old(he was only 17), we both didn't expect that we will find each other and walk together for 5 years. It didn't start really well because you made me went through a heartbreaking experience with someone else before we both fell in love BUT through that, we found what was missing in our lives - each other. 

James is a gem. In front of my late grandfather's body, he told my grandfather that he will take care of me, no matter what. I know that even if unfortunately, we break up one day.. James will definitely still take care of me, as a friend too. 

He was one of those who motivated me to work my way towards my dream of being an author. He stood by me and gave me support through my worst days and shared joy with me through my best days. He even holds a chapter in my book! (If you haven't bought Jolene's Story, what are you waiting for?!!!) 

He has seen the ugliest side of me. He has seen me drooling with my mouth wide open in my sleep, heard my loudest and most disgusting fart(HAHAHAHAHA!), watched me as I dug my nose and many other unglam actions! BUT, he still loves me as I am. 

Thank you, James. 
Even though you always give me a "Jiao Bin" and is not a romantic guy, you are still amazing! 


This is the first time that we are unable to celebrate our anniversary together because you are stuck in a jungle in Tekong for your field camp.... :( 

Ok lah bye bye. Cannot be too mushy, later people thinks I'm not cool anymore. 


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