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Monday, July 01, 2013

My recent ramblings about Heather Chua is finally over as I have promised.

I am sure that the sick person will create another account to try and ruin lives again but I don't really care. I will know how to deal with you. 

Today, I am talking about this really sensitive topic and only if you are below 155 cm than you will understand what I am going through. 

Height is such a sensitive word.

"What's your height?" // "How tall are you?" 

Damn, just shut up already. I have no height, I am just SHORT. 

I have always wanted to try print modelling not because I think that I am beautiful but because I am interested to try. 

I think that quite a lot of short girls do look good but it's just that we don't have the height so we don't stand out.

I understand for runway models because they must be tall for audiences to be able to see them. 

When I was working at Pizza Hut, I couldn't be stationed as the cashier because when standing behind the register, I was totally hidden =X 

How about print models? Why are shorter people not being given a chance in these industry? I am sure that there are a lot of pretty and cute girls who years to try out modelling but are made to lingerie shoots most of the time instead and why is that so?

Because of height. 

So, does being short means we get lesser chances in this harsh and cruel reality?

Let me know your views!

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