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The Nail District - Relaxation Haven
Thursday, July 04, 2013

[Disclaimer] This is not a paid review/advertorial.

Today, I fell in love with my nails all over again all thanks to "The Nail District". 

Many times, I walked passed this shop and was always tempted to step in because the interior looked so zen. Due to time constraints and my job scope, I had always done my manicures and pedicures in different nail salons and have not found one that I would like to stay loyal to. Today, I found it. :)

The Nail District appeals to me because it is really near my home and my 2nd home! (James' place) 

I finally booked an appointment with them and had my manicure & pedicure done there today! 

The service staff there are all really nice. They will call you at your appointment timing to give you a kind reminder and it's good for blur sotongs like me. 

Before they start painting your nails, they would ask you if you would like to drink any tea/water which I think is really nice of them. It doesn't matter if you are there for an Express Manicure or a Classic manicure, they provide you a heartwarming and sincere service. 

All the tools they use can only be used ONCE which means that all tools are opened to be used on you and nobody else. They are well-known for their professionalism in hygiene! You should know that most nail saloons use the same nail buffer for almost all their customers but The Nail District is unique and different! 

I have been to a few nail saloons who always practices hard-selling tactics that will ultimately annoy me because the reason I am doing my manicure there is to pamper myself and be relaxed. I don't like to be pushed to sign up for any packages unless I asked for it. The service staff at The Nail District is different, they speak nicely and informed me about their packages in an absolute kind manner w/o any hard-selling. 

Another thing I love about this place is that... They let you watch tv :D There will be a television in the middle and when I was there, they were playing a "Just For Laughs" DVD and I was really entertained. I was trying very hard not to laugh out loud when my nails were being painted. There were 2 staffs serving me that day and both of them were really pleasant and we engaged in small conversations. 

Chio right, my face? Oops, I meant my nails. 

One of the staff, I think she's called Qing actually advised me about my toenails because I always cut them and it was uneven. I thought that I was doing it right because my toenail always pricked me. She told me that I should have let the toenail grow and taught me the right way to take care of it. No other nailist/manicurists had dished out nail- care advice to me before! 

What are you waiting for? 

Locate/contact them at the below address and number : 

Hougang Green Shopping Mall
21 Hougang Street 51 

Telephone: 6386 6002 or you can make advanced booking via whatsapp/sms at 9857 8389 

Like them on Facebook at 

I'm so in love with my nails right now! 

On a side-note.. I've been having heart/chest pains for quite some time and I went to the clinic for an ECG scan. 

I was diagnosed with "Costochondritis" and it was something like chest wall infection/inflammation. I have no idea why would I be infected with such an illness but please for these few days, don't agitate me ok?

 My heart can't take it =D 

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