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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

My previous post was such a bore that when I re-read it, I yawned 10 times. I guess nobody wants to bother about a shortie who wants to try out print modelling.

Let's move on! 

If you do not already know, I am a co-founder of a support group on Facebook and I am amazed that a small idea like this has grown so much now!

Me and a dear friend, Ms Vivian Pan, who is a single mum herself with a 8 year old boy decided that we want to make a difference and change the world, bit by bit. 

Vivian had wanted to start this support group very long ago because as a single parent herself, she understood how difficult it was to take up both roles of being a father and a mother. Thanks to another friend, Gim, I got to know Vivian and SPSG was started!!

We took things slow and we used the word of mouth to promote our page so as to reach out to more and more single parents. This is a learning journey for us. Many would probably ask me why am I part of this group since I am not a single mother myself. The answer is obvious, I want to help. My mom is a single mother herself and she had her hard times taking care of me and watching me grow up. She worked at nightclubs just to pay for my nanny fees and everything else, all alone, by herself. 

People may judge and say that I will never understand how it feels as I did not go through it but I have no time at all, to care about what you think. 

We have had our share of criticisms on our page but there are mostly the most kindest and generous people complimenting us for starting this support group and trying our best to juggle between our full-time jobs, our personal lives and reaching out to create more awareness for SPSG. If we can make a difference, you can too.

A very respectable boss who owns a restaurant has reached out to SPSG and opened up his restaurants to hire single mothers and even allow single mothers to bring their children along to work, providing them also with their required meals. Having known this boss was such an impact to me because my faith in humanity increased by a zillion times that day. God bless him.

Recently, we helped out a young single mother who painstakingly given birth to a handsome baby boy. She was in labour alone and she was very weak. I myself, was touched to tears seeing how so many other single mothers and other members of the public sending emails and private messages to us to tell us they would like to contribute and help out by either donating baby items or items for the young mother. As everyone knows, single parents do not receive baby bonuses and they really have it harder in life. 

We were overwhelmed yesterday when our total page likes jumped from 320 to an astonishing amount of 1304 as of now. 

Vivian had so many private messages and emails and comments to reply and deal with but we managed it. 

We both believe that as long as we are alive, we should use our ability to make a difference to anyone who is underprivileged and in need.

If you have not liked us on Facebook, do so now by clicking on this link : SPSG's FACEBOOK PAGE!

Or kindly visit our website : SPSG website !

I would like to know if more people out there would like to join us as volunteers and let's slowly make a difference! Let me know or pm us on our Facebook page or send us an email via our website.

We are always here for you!

Loves - SPSG

By the way........ I did something damn embarrassing on Instagram just now. 

I actually sang and recorded it down and posted it to my 668 followers. 

Click on this link to see : IG and let me know if you think I should do a full cover on that song. It is one of my favorite song!! 

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