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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Firstly, thank you.

Thank you to each and every individual who reads my blog. 
I started this blog in 2008 and most of my posts had zero readers. I was a nobody and nobody bothered to read my blog.

I never gave up writing because it was my passion and my love. Because of my book being published, more and more people took notice of me and came to read my blog.

From 20 readers to 50 and to 150 readers.. the numbers grew and grew. 

I am no Xiaxue or BongQiuQiu but to have about 200 people reading everytime I update a new posts, it feels good that I have readers and faithful ones too!

Up to date, the blogpost with the highest hits was this : Heather Chua Scam. It hit an all time high of 2000 readers. Wtf ikr. Why are you guys more interested in Heather Chua than me. *cries*

I admit that I procrastinate a lot and don't blog regularly so maybe that's why I never became a popular blogger like RachellTan, Speshi and the many bloggers out there. Besides, I don't have their looks. Still, I thank the few who always pop by this space.

Today, I am doing a giveaway for the new clothes that I have but never wore because I have too many!!! Most pieces are bought in Bangkok and because of the fact that I have to buy 3 pieces to get a better price, I end up with the same piece of clothing all the time -_- That's why I would like to give them to YOU, YOU,YOU and YOU.

There are 3 sets to be given away! 


Many of you have read Jolene's Story and think that you may know me very well already since you know my life story. Well, let's see.

(1) Share my blog link on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and complete your status with why your friends should read my blog.More chances for you if you share it on all 3 platforms! (I would need a screenshot)

(2) Answer these 5 questions :
                                       - Do I know how to swim?
                                       - Do I know how to cycle?
                                       - What is my favourite colour?
                                       - What is my favorite cuisine? (example French, Thai, Western)
                                       - What is the name of my book?

(3) Email your screenshot together with your answers and the set that you want to win to [ ]

(4) Wait for me to reply you! It is THAT EASY! 

Giveaway ends on the 21st of July 2013! I would be overseas next week but keep your entries coming in alright! 

SET 1 includes (1)A red spade top and a black floral printed cropped top. 
SET 2 includes (1)Animal Printed Top(2 pieces) and a Polka Dot Top
SET 3 includes (1)2 Neon Cropped Tee with Sleeves (2) White Cropped Tee

In the meantime, please remember to visit OOPZ Insta Shop! as we are very active there... Or you can purchase from us via our website at OOPZ WEBSITE !!

Till next time and good luck for the giveaway!

Jolene Goh

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