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Monday, June 17, 2013

Today, I shall tell you how my name "SNOW" came about.

It was a really random random encounter and as if by magic, the name just stuck.

I had just created a Friendster account in 2008 and I called myself "Snow" because people commented that I was very fair so that name was quite cute for me at that time.

I was also called "Chilli Padi"/小辣椒" because of my small build but aggressive nature. I won't allow myself to be trampled on.

I went into Girls Home in 2008 and together with my friends in there, we decided to come up with a nickname for me so that we had an easier communication with all the girls without getting found out. It was like a code name.

I told them that I was called "Chilli Padi"/小辣椒" outside but it would be weird to call me "Xiao Chilli" which sounded damn ugly anyway.

I told them that I had created a new Friendster account called Snow and they thought that "Xiao Snow" sounded cute and was suitable for me. And so, it stuck.

After coming out from Girl's Home, I was called "Xiao Snow" everywhere I went. Sometimes. I don't even react to people calling me Jolene in the past. I responded to only "Xiao Snow" and "Snow." 

Eventually, the "Xiao" disappeared from the "Xiao Snow" because it was a little immature to have a "Xiao" infront of my name and so I was called "Snow" by almost everyone. It was as if I was born to be "Snow."...... and I really love this name.

In the recent years, I decided to incorporate it into my name together with "Jolene" so now I am Jolene Snow. I have even thought of changing my name to Jolene Snow permanently since I don't really like having my dad's surname. 

Google "Jolene Snow" and my face would actually appear. Some of my friend's friends also actually think that my surname is Snow. How cool is that right!

I know that maybe you clicked on this post expecting to read something really enthralling and exciting about how my name came about but I guess you are disappointed now. It's actually nothing much but I am sure Jolene Snow will stick with me in the long long run. 

Do you have an interesting story to share about how you got your nickname and was stuck with it for the long run? Email me! I would love to read them!

If you did not know, I have helped my friend Vivian to set up a single parent support group to aid single parents. Like the page on Facebook now : SPSG !

Till the next time!

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