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Heather Chua- Part 2. EXPOSED.
Friday, June 28, 2013

Some of you think that I am damn free and some of you think that I am just trying to generate traffic to my blog... Whatever the case is, say what you want. I don't give a damn.

As long as I can help AT LEAST one girl from being cheated, I will do it. 

I was once a victim of sexual abuse and I do not want girls being cheated.

Let me break down yesterday's post because I understand that is was confusing to some of you readers. 

You can click on this link to view yesterday's Heather Chua Part 1 or you can just scroll back to the post before this to get a clearer picture.

  1. She is fake, an unreal persona behind a screen.
  2. She organized many different events that pays up from $700 to $700 per model or girl.
  3. Her models/girls/spokesperson can be anyone without any height requirement or anything. Fat, skinny, tall or SHORT(like me).. anyone is accepted without the need for any casting or anything. Even my bf said this :"Paying 7k to a model, why would she choose you when you are inexperienced and short?"
Let me break down to her few TOP-NOTCH event she created.

(1) Bristol Car Auction organized by Grand Sheldon on the 7th of July 2013 from 11am to 8pm.

Briefing to be held at Goodwood Park Hotel at 6.30pm in Windsor Ballroom/outside of the hotel/inside as well etc. (All Heather's words lah)

Me and some other girls have called up Goodwood Park and specially PM them on Facebook.

 And this is me contacting him too.

Authorities alerted and management of Goodwood Park alerted. But still, many girls would still want to go down to the hotel to have a look because they are curious.

Nobody would thank me if they found out she was real so I wouldn't expect all girls to listen to me.

Today, there is supposingly an MBS event conducted by Heather and she says a lot of models have collected their uniforms last night. 

We have contacted MBS, there is no SUCH thing. Some of the girls went to the premises and some of them got their boyfriends to go there. THERE WAS NO SUCH EVENT AT ALL. 

Some commented on her status that they are there but they see no one and then "POOF", as if by magic they got blocked by Heather. What a joke.

Yesterday, she kept trolling on my Instagram as well. She keeps using the same words like "daft" to scold me. His/her vocabulary is damn LIMITED please. 

Also, she told MANY girls that the below account : "Heatherc1t" was hacked years ago. So why is she still using this account to harass me? She is such a fan, coming back to my blog to see my updates. Thank you for contributing to my hits Mdm Chua. 

She keeps insisting many models have watched her videos on Instagram about the car auction. Apparently, no one had seen it because we could not get to the instagram account that she is using. 

Another girl. Let's call her "L" told Heather that she could not make it to collect the uniform because she was flying off. Heather offered to meet her at the airport today.

Another case here with another girl :

She kept offering to meet girls solo at random places. Will she even appear? And if she actually appears, will it be a man? Or?

The reason why I keep emphasizing on this issue is not because I "eat too full nothing to do." or simply too free. I have my business to handle, I have my full-time job to do. Some of you claim that I am doing this to gain readers to my blog... You think I am that free? I have much more content to blog about rather than writing about a FAKE person. I just want to warn as many girls as possible. 

She is duping so many girls. 200 girls may not fall into his/her trap but what is just ONE girl who is naive enough to meet "Heather" one on one... Anything could happen.

This person is very free, he/she is online the whole day faking an elite persona on Facebook for all to see. Staying at Sentosa Cove, going to high-end places. Going around to reply each and every girl's PM and planning out all the details, executing them like a professional murderer/rapist would.

We all know that these people are smart people because they plan and execute so well. The facts are all here presented to you all. Please be alert girls. 

For a smart person like "Heather Chua", do you think she has only 1 fake account? I am sure she is a great manipulator and she will create her own "show" to play us girls around. Some perverts just get the satisfaction of making you feel stupid knowing you was cheated.

The below person at first refused to believe us when we told her Heather was a scam. Than today, she randomly PM people to send out a warning.... O.o

I admit that I am guilty of not screening people who add me on Facebook so I may have 200 "Heather Chuas" in my list. We just have to think through before accepting any weird offers.

By the way, a police report has been made and all the supposingly "venues" I have already contacted them. 

Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore Expo, Singapore Botanic Garden, One 15 Marina Club and Fullerton Hotel. They are all aware now. 

Mysteriously, her events are cancelled. 

I want to move on from this nutcase' episode after this because I am sick of seeing or hearing this freak's movements. So I assure this will be the last post about her and I will continue to blog about my random ramblings daily.

I have came to know a few models/girls through this event and most are really nice. I didn't lose anything out of this episode except for all the time wasted. But I gained a few friendship. :)

Even after reading my posts and seeing that the event was cancelled as above. I am sure there are still the few of you who believes in "SEEING IS BELIEVING." and you would still attend the event just to find out the truth. Nothing can change your mind I know but go ahead, I did my best.

(Quoted from a friend on Facebook不进棺材不掉泪. 

Don't let this happen to you.

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