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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I tweeted/updated a status recently saying :

Many got curious and asked me about it so I though this would be good blog content! I know lah, there would be the minimum percentage of you all would try to hate on me and say "You sure that you been to these places before? Or did you make them up to gain attention and get more readers to your blog?" HAHAHAHAHA. I don't care. 

I was really young when I went to "visit" haunted houses. I was only 14 years old. Secondary 2, rebellious and full of guts. I MUST HAVE BEEN CRAZY.

Now, because of my readers, I am googling for photos of all the places because when I was 14 years old, I had no camera phone and even if I had a lousy one, I wouldn't even dare to take photos please. How would I know what would I capture?!!! So I am reading up on so many stories now and my hair standing! You all better appreciate it! *threatens*

(1) Punggol Matilda House.

Reference and photos were all taken from this LINK! 

"Standing alone in the wildness of Punggol, the Matilda House has been around for more than a hundred years. It was built in 1902 by Irish lawyer Joseph William Cashin (1844-1907) for his wife. The wealthy Cashin family regarded the Matilda House, also known as Istana Menanti (“Waiting Palace” in Malay) or the Punggol Kampong House, as a weekend resort."

Don't ask me where is it or tell me that you are interested to go there because I do not know if right now, the house is still intact or demolished? I would not dare to visit it again unless I am made to act a scene there in the future or something. I have totally zero guts now, I lose them as I age =X
                                          I totally remember this stairs and that door!!!! 

We met up at the train station, me and my group of crazy friends in the past. We walked happily towards the house and as you can see from the above photos, the house was fenced. We had to walk up a really super swampy muddy small hump to get to the outside of the house. The photos above look real okay because it was taken in the day, I went there AFTER midnight!!! 

After conquering the muddy land we had to walk, (Seriously, I wanted to give up many times  because the trail there was freaky enough.) we actually found a REALLY small hole under the wired fences. It was small but I had quite a big-sized friend with me that day. We had to bend down and crawl in and nobody actually dared to go first lah. Of course, the boys went in first and we took turns. Usually, we will pair up on our trips and the boys would sort of protect us. We don't go in a odd numbers because it was deemed to be inauspicious to do so. 

After going into the place, it was really really spooky because it was so dark and it was so warm. Exploring the place, we went into the different rooms slowly and it was just an old house with a lot of history to it. 

I honestly did not see anything while exploring this place BUT when we stepped into one of the rooms, I remember there was cold wind blowing through. Most of the time, I peeped and dare not open my eyes to VIEW the scenery until we came to this door in the above photo. 

We were all grouped at the stairs and we were thinking of breaking down the door. It was insane I tell you. The boys kicked/pushed the door but it was impossible to knock it down. There were small holes that could allow us to see through the door and one of us saw that there was a  shadow in there!!!! Nobody knows if it is true but well, you can go find out if you want? What did I see when I peeped in? I saw blue light which was apparently weird because..... where did it come from? I have no idea. 

Currently, after doing much research on it. I read that it is all fenced up tightly now with CCTV equipped everywhere and I also read that it may turn into a clubhouse soon... or is it already one? I wish they would release the CCTV footage for us curious souls. There are a lot of new apartment buildings built around it now. I've heard that the house wasn't demolished because people died when they tried to? I have also heard that the family tried to suicide together? I have heard so many versions... Do you have any to share?

If you want to have a feel of what I saw that night or how the house looked like at night, go to this LINK!

(2) Pasir Ris Red House

                                Photo credits to the stated link in the photo.

This place is really really really spooky. It really creeps me badly just looking at the above photo. 

                                Photo credits to the stated link in the photo.

Before we entered the place, we saw the signature pair of lion statue outside the house. I don't know if I had problems with my vision but the lion's eyes were red when I saw it that very day. The red only came on awhile and a few of my other friends said they either saw a blue or green light!! I was shaking even before I entered the house!

It was said the lion statues were protecting the homes and we heard that we were not to step on the lion as it was a form of disrespect. Again, we took turns to climb in and the climb was so torturous as it was so dark and the gate had spikes on some surfaces. I was one of the last few to climb in because I was really frightened but since everyone was inside, I could not just opt out just like that. Besides, I was a loyal friend. Haha.

I silently talked to the stone lions saying that we were sorry to trespass but we were just curious and wanted to have a look. 

I held on to my guy friend's arms really tightly because it was pitch dark inside and all we had were the flash lights from our phones. We inched closer to the house and the house was empty with broken wood and all. 

We also had a discussion before we went into such places that whoever who witnessed anything should not make any noise or tell anyone until we are out of the place because we should not let the spirits(if there were any) know that we could see them. We were to keep silent until we all left the place. 

Inside the house once again, I could feel some cold wind. I don't know if it was me being paranoid but it was just super eerie. We wanted to venture upstairs to the second floor but apparently no one dared because one of my guy friends said leave because someone is stopping us from going to the second floor. Nobody asked him who that someone was, we just left. Before we could leave the house, someone started crying. It was a girl and it sounded like a child. It was so damn freaking scary that we RAN. We ran out to the front of the house and than stopped to see if anyone was missing. There was no one missing but I felt something brushing me and my friend felt the same thing. We took a step forward and my guy friend actually kicked an orange!!!! An orange can you imagine??? It looked like someone had done some prayers there with oranges and other prayer stuffs but why would anyone climb into that spooky house to pray? That orange was the last straw for us, we dashed to the gate and climbed out. I was almost in tears and feeling damn scared.

When we went faraway from the house, a guy friend said that he had seen the little girl in the house and another one said that he too seen a shadow but was not sure if it was due to the lights from the surrounding houses. It was lucky for us because we had just finished climbing out when the police arrived. They drove past us and asked if we had trespassed the house but we said no and we were just walking by to head to Downtown East to get food. I was spooked really and this place is ten times more scarier than the one at Punggol. I did also saw a rocking chair inside and it was... rocking? I think that the chair was a physical one but no idea why it was rocking. I don't wish to know too. 

(3) Jalan Kayu/Seletar Airbase

This third place was a mystery to me and up till now... It still is. We met up around evening to head to this place. It was around 5.3o to 6pm and we knew that it was sunny with no dark clouds inside.

The problem is I cannot remember if I was at some Jalan Kayu desolated shophouses or were we at the Seletar Airbase... All I knew was that it was as if we had went to the second dimensions. I AM SERIOUS.

                                             Photo credits to the stated link in the photo.

When we stepped in, everything was normal until...... STRONG WIND started blowing and the wind was really strong like super duper strong. I felt that I was going to fly away. I am not exaggerating here and than I don't know what happened but everything became black and white like the above photo. Really. I swear.

We walked past all the shophouses and most of the folded doors were closed but were all old and a little torn. We thought that it was near to evening so the whole place was darkened but it was more of a black and white scene to me. The doors were like the below photo.

                                                 Photo credits to the stated link in the photo.

We walked and walked and walked and we passed by empty stairs where I did not dare to look. I saw an old woman pushing those grocery trolley but why would anyone even be there??!!!! She had her back towards us and I dared not ask the rest if they saw her too. We went to the last shophouse at the end and broke one piece of the door to enter. Why were we even out of our mind... I really don't understand up till today. 

I feel like telling my old self : ARE YOU FREAKING INSANE?

Anyway, we went into the place and it was just a small square inside. We walked in and at the corner, I, yes, me, I saw a man in the corner with his hands doing the usual meditating sign. 

                               Photo taken from this LINK.

I am sure that it was not human... The figure seemed to be naked or something but he was not facing us. I am sure that my friends saw the same thing because they gasped when turning to that corner. We decided to leave immediately because we felt real spooked out. Since we had only the space of one person to walk out..(we only removed one piece of the wooden door).. we walked out holding each other's shoulders in a straight row. My guy friend was supposed to be the last person but he suddenly walked really quickly and went out before us. My girl friend, G became the last person and when we were about to step out, she pulled me from the back and we almost fell. I grabbed her and we ran out. 

We ran out of the place hurriedly and when we asked my guy friend why he had ran out hurriedly, he said that we were the ones who pushed him out. But all of our hands were on each other's shoulder so... Nobody pushed him out. Also, G had been pulled from the back by some force because there was nobody behind her at all. We were not hallucinating, we remembered clearly because we had wanted to move out in a row but my guy friend squeezed through spoiling the whole formation. G said that she had been pulled very forcefully and when she lifted up her top for us to look at the back, there was a fresh scratch at the back. It was definitely an eye-opener, ear-opener and whatever opener to us. We also realized the reason G was pulled back was because.... there was 7 of us. We were in an odd number grouping.

Once we left the place, it was only 6.30pm and everything seemed to be bright and sunny. How very weird. 

(4) Old Changi Hospital also known as OCH.

I am not going to put in any photos here because there are too many online due to the film "Haunted Changi" so please feel free to google them yourselves.

That very year that we went... I think it was 2007 or 2008. I read up that there were no security guard there. It was only recent years that they have Aetos guards there.

Well, guess what? Before we could enter, we were stopped by a very old man who looked like a guard. We are not sure if he was human or a ghost... even up till today.

But anyway, after he appeared for a second, we heard really really loud barking and we ran like ants on the loose! There were 4 to 5 large mongrels barking so loudly and chasing us. I thought I was going to be bitten to death seriously. We ran and we ran and we ran and we ran.

We ended up at the roadside and some of our legs were bleeding slightly. I thought it was due to the red ant's bites but really... I am not sure. The exterior of the place already looked freaky enough though so I'm glad that I did not enter.

I also recalled that I went to one of the cemetries before, after midnight. I think it was the Japanese cemetery but I had not much inkling of it cause there wasn't any sightings so were left rather quickly.

I know when we were young, wild and free... All of us had the "YOLO" spirit in us and we wanted to conquer this places like we wanted to conquer our fears. It was a good experience, those encounters but I dare not return to any of the places anymore.

I don't even dare to sit the roller coaster now. *ashamed*

It's a great feeling that when we were younger, we had more fun because we were more daring. However, I would not encourage you youngsters out there to go on haunted huntings like these because it is totally not safe whether or not there are spirits lingering there. Anything can happen to you and what makes it worse is that... what if no on knew what happened to you? Ever.

Stay tuned for more snow around here! Thank you for taking the time to read my past encounters. I spent so many hours on this post so if you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends! 


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