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One of the many rules in love.
Sunday, May 26, 2013

As you can read from the title, I am here to write about one of the many rules in love. 

Not sure why do we look awkward in this photo but we still look good :D 


It is a very simple word but it takes so much courage to fulfill it. Everyone has a dream and to fulfill it, they need support. Lots of it. 

Most importantly, they need support from their loved ones, be it from family members or their partner. I don't divide a lover from family members because a lover is already like a family member to me. 

On the year that I got together with James, he got interested in Muay Thai and after trying it out, he realized that he was ultimately passionate about it and he aims to be a world class champion... One day. 

Photo credits to Everlast SG. 

Without support, I would be grumbling all day long that Muay Thai is always so much more important than me. It's not that I never complained, I did so in the past. However, I realized that without my support and encouragement, I was going to be an obstacle for him in working towards his dream. Why should I make myself an obstacle, why couldn't I instead help him secure his goal? 

I have my dream too and it was to be an author. Without James and many others out there encouraging me to write, I wouldn't have completed "Jolene's Story." 

Photo credits to National Arts Council.

I am hoping that "Jolene's Story" can be made into a movie.. But that's another story all together.

Don't be the obstacle in your partner's aim towards his goal, be the pillar of strength instead. Even if you cannot help him achieve it, at least you were always there for him.

I believe in James and he believes in me. He will always be my champion and I will always be his prized possession! :) 

He gets annoyed at times when I force him to take pictures with me but he will never stop taking pictures with me. This is LOVE

Appreciation for each other is essential too! :) 

And he loves me for me, no matter how un-gentle I am.

.......... I guess my cuteness makes up for it =D I have 4 selfies to prove it! 

Keep coming back to this space for more rules on love! 


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