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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Many readers love it when I post about my dear boyfriend and they are super interested to know about him. A lot of readers who finished reading Jolene's Story often tweet me or FB pm me asking if I am still together with the James that I mentioned in my book! :) 

I love it when they are so thrilled that we have lasted this far! Being happy for me really touches me! 

The above photo was taken on the 13th of September 2008 and it was his 17th birthday! We first held hands on this day but it wasn't official because he held my hands to guide me across the road and then he refused to let go!! Scheming boy! The beanie that he was wearing was a gift from me and he wore it even though it made him looked like a cancer patient.

Below photos were taken on our 2nd year anniversary in 2010.
We have a whirlwind story of how we developed from strangers to bffs to lovers but I'll leave that to another post... Are you guys keen? 

I'm thinking of going for another photoshoot for our 5th year anniversary this year. Yes, it's been 5 long years! Even I myself am amazed that we have walked these far. 

Everyone is asking when are we getting married. I was just chatting with his sister over dinner that when I first knew James, she was only Primary 2! ...And she is 13 now. Time really zooms!!! 

Knowing him AND his family is really such a blessing! I feel like their own daughter whenever I'm with them. 

Thank you baby, for always being there. 

Happy 4 years & 8 months!
We don't celebrate monthsaries but today, I just feel like telling you how much I appreciate having you in my life! 

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