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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hi readers, most of you read my blog secretly and never really interact with me on Social Media other than my 2 darling girls, Xin Hui and Bernice. They shower me with so much sweetness that sometimes I really tear reading their emails to me.

ANYWAY, most of you must be students and I know that MYE (Mid-Year-Exams) are over! I stalk you guy's tweets sometimes and most of you all are worrying so much on your results. COME ON GUYS, there is still EOY(End-Of-Year) exams!!! I am not only trying to comfort you but I have a solution for you too! 

If you feel that you are lacking behind in any of your subjects, SEEK HELP. Don't ask me WHY because I will ask you WHY NOT? The above photo was taken in 2009 and I was studying so hard for my O'levels Mathematics! Maths is one of my worst ever subjects and I got an E8 for it for my O'levels. Boohoo. If only I had known Uber Mathematics at that time, I am sure I could have passed or even ACED my Math exam!! 

UBER MATHEMATICS is located at : 

City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208539

I am sure many of you are familiar with City Square Mall right? Take the NEL(North-East) line and alight at Farrer Park MRT station. 

As per the name goes, UBER MATHEMATICS specializes in Mathermatics for PSLE, O'levels, A'levels, SIM-UOL etc.HOWEVER, they also offer other subjects as well! Just ask and they will work it out for you!  If YOU want your results to improve, don't wait anymore. Use the June holidays to join their intensive workshops to get your grades up. 

You all must think I am joking right? I am sure you must be thinking that it is already mid of the year and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get your grades up. WELL, you are wrong! It is possible if you are willing to give it a try!

UBER MATHEMATICS goes by the philosophy of  "Understanding is Key- Practice  Practice and Practice."


Quote "JOLENESNOW" when you contact them and get to have a FREE (yes,you heard me- FREE) Trial Maths Group Tuition. That means you can go for a trial and see if you are comfortable with the lesson.

It's FREE! What are you waiting for? I hope to see all of you getting fabulous results for your exams and please do email me to tell me how happy you are after getting your results.

Don't wait anymore! Contact them today! 

Contact Über Mathematics
Email: ubermathematics(at)gmail(dot)com
Call / SMS / Whatsapp: +65 - 8259 8426

Ending off this advert with a photo of me in school in the past! =) 

Visit their website at : UBER MATHEMATICS !!


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