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Where art thou, humanity?
Friday, April 19, 2013

As per the header suggests, I am in a state of confusion as to where is the humanity in this world? I am sure many of us heard of the song by “The Black Eyed Peas” titled “Where is the love?” - The song starts by saying “People killing, people dying, children hurt and you hear them crying…” It breaks my heart that in the heat of the recent news, The Boston Bombing and the Texas explosion, people hiding behind the social media shadow and unleashing their prowess to its extreme.

The Boston bombing was a tragedy and instead of being sensitive when commenting about it, people start to put up FAKE photos of the victims, write up FAKE stories of the sufferers and what was their purpose? They were circulating them for instant fame. They created fake accounts on Twitter to gain followers and retweets! I simply cannot accept a behavior like this! What is it those people gain from doing all those? Do they get a high from it like they get from drugs and other abusive substances? Posting a photo of a fake victim was such a letdown – that person in the very photo could be someone’s daughter, niece or grandchild and they would get so worried if they saw the photo circulating! Most people understand the power of social media but why do so many choose to abuse it instead?  

People are currently asking questions as to whether the Boston bombing and the Texas explosion was related. Instead of asking this, why not do something else? Count your blessings! What if it had happened in your country and what if one of the victims was you or someone you know? Hiding behind a computer screen to shoot comments was not going to help. As per today, the FBI has released photos and video footage of two suspects and they are seeking help from anyone who has any idea of the two suspects for the Boston bombing. However, other news media are still speculating on other suspects who were merely innocent and were just attending the event. Why are people causing the unnecessary drama and causing the unnecessary confusion? Would you like it if the untrue suspect was YOU? Social media is a great stepping stone to exposure but be careful what you are exposing yourself to. I think we have all had enough with the people who circulate the Boston bombing photos and indicating “1 like = 1 prayer” on Facebook. Go now to the corner of your room, office or school, kneel down and actually pray as what you had suggested on the posting. You do not need a Facebook like to justify a prayer if you are sincere about praying for the sufferers. 

Do not allow the flexibility of Social Media to control you. YOU are in control of how you utilize Social Media to your benefits. 

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