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What if I shaved my head?
Friday, April 05, 2013

Hi, you have been pranked!!!!!!!!

I am 5 days late for an April's fool prank. Haha, not funny hor? I took this photo  20 mins ago and I thought that it really looked like I shaved off half of my head..... So I post it up here =X Since you are already here, why not read on? =D (You must be thinking you got cheated here but well, yes, you did!)

If you are cursing me, please refer to below photo ---->
Anyway, you do know that I own a blogshop and it was started together with Hui Qi. With blood, sweat and tears, we always tried our best to provide customer satisfaction to you all. Please support. And Hui Qi is still single btw, if you are single too..... :) Don't mind me, it is Friday today and we are all happy, as if we are drugged.
The main reason why we are good friends, I think is because we love food so so so so so much. I know you don't care but I just want to tell you. Can? 

If you don't already know, OOPZ! has recently launched a jelly phone casing pre-order AND today is the last day of the pre-order! Have you made your reservation yet? We are still in the midst of considering whether to bring in these as instocks to sell consistently. Your utmost support in our products is highly appreciated!
Colours all so chio, how can you all even resist? Available for iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, Samsung S3 and Samsung Note!
Close-up. This is my own cover btw...

BOOMZ! OOPZ! will be having our second flea this Sunday at Bugis+(former iLuma) and we hope to see you there! We will of course be selling the above phone casing so come early to avoid disappointment. Many other products will be sold too, you trust our taste right? We hand-pick every single item for our shop. I am open to signing my book on that day as well so do come down if you want me to sign on your copy of Jolene's Story! Even if you don't wish to purchase anything, you can simply come down and say hi to me or maybe buy me a cup of Koi? =D I like Grass Jelly Milk Tea, 50%, less pearls. Hahah, just kidding. See you when I see you lovelies!

Sad to say, I did not shave my head. I have contemplated before but I don't think I will look nice. See, I look so pretty below. *Self-praise is no praise* 

And than I end my post with a photo to ruin the rest of your Friday. Hahaha, told you I am high today. But seriously speaking, not many people will get to see this crazy side of me. You would have to be close enough to me to actually witness my weirdness. Most of the time, I look like this --> =____= . Really, I'm serious.

Have a great weekend ahead!

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