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[ Review ] Judgement Day
Friday, April 26, 2013

JUDGEMENT DAY (世界末日) (2013)

I went to catch this movie with Hui Qi on the 24th of April and I must say that we really enjoyed it! The main reason I want to watch this movie was simple, it was a local production and I am all for supporting local production!

Before I start, check out the official trailer here :

Judgement Day started screening on the 18th of April 2013. It's rated PG13 and the movie is about 1 hours and 44 minutes long. Perfect and not too draggy in my opinion.

The cast consists of Henry Thia, Chua En Lai, Rebecca Lim, Guo Liang, Edwin Goh, Julie Tan, Sebastian Tan, Wang Yuqing, John Cheng, (Ah Nan) Mark Lee, Tender Huang and Alice Ko.

Below is the synopsis that I took from : Movie Xclusive's Website

Synopsis: JUDGEMENT DAY centers around several characters, from all works of life, as they decide to share their deepest secrets when it is believed that doomsday will happen in 72 hours. A corrupted cop confesses to his subordinate that he had accepted a bribe before. A married man tells his family his greatest wish is to become a woman. A wife reveals to her husband that she is actually secretly in love with her superior at work. A distraught young lady decides to run away from Singapore and heads for Cambodia, in the process; she breaks up with her finance. But miraculously, everyone survives judgement day. While the whole world rejoices; for those who made irreversible decisions, it is the end of their previous world…

Watching the movie made me tear a little because I was reminded of the late Ah Nan who never fails to bring joy to us in every production that he is in. He is a natural when it comes to comedy!

This film is directed and written by Ong Kuo Sin while produced by Mark Lee. The script was straightforward and it touches the depths of our hearts instantly. Every year, there will be rumors of the world ending and people never took them seriously.

I had to control myself from taking out my phone to tweet every meaningful quote found in the movie. It really teaches you to cherish your loved ones while you can and ALSO, it tells you to go for your dreams. Don't wait until you know that you are dying soon than try to fulfill it! We are not here to die, we are here to LIVE!

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." I LIVE BY THIS QUOTE and I think you should too.

I liked the part in the film whereby Rebecca mentioned that we are all doing what everyone else is doing, it is really so mundane. Why fit in when we were born to stand out?

Dreams are really very important. Without a goal and without a dream, I would not have come this far in life. Believing in myself that I could be an author and write my life story out for the world to see was not easy BUT I did it, nevertheless. If not for my ambition, my goal, my dream in life, I may have succeeded in the past whenever I tried to commit suicide. I am grateful that I did not succumb to ending my life after the sexual abuse by my stepfather.... really really grateful I am still here to encourage people and change other's lives.

Anyhoo, do catch Judgement Day soon! Maybe today, after work? Come on, it is a Friday and I am sure that you will want to chill out after a hectic week and catch a movie right?

Till the next time, Xoxo.

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