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[REVIEW] Berth19 - So full of surprises!
Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Have you guys ever wanted to go shopping, buy new clothes but can never fight the laziness to head to town to do so? There's always a crowd there and the food there can get a little expensive at times.

What if I tell you that there is a treasure waiting for you to be found at Serangoon Gardens?? YES! You heard me, Serangoon Gardens!

Check out their Facebook Page :  THEBERTH19 and don't forget to LIKE them!

They have an array supply of streetwear for the unisex and I must say that I am overwhelmed by their uniqueness and designs! Berth 19 is different from OOPZ! because at Oopz, we sell more girly stuffs but at Berth19, it is all about streetwear! Most of them are really funky and unique, it's like every different piece oozes out a different style!

                                Look at these cute Simpson socks. HOW CAN YOU RESIST?

I SO LOVE THIS CAP YOU KNOW! It's like so girly and so gansta at the same time! It totally gives the wearer a very stand-out from the crowd style!

This cotton candy top is also very versatile as you can match it with anything you want whether it is shorts or jeans. 

I have only listed the items that I saw on their Facebook page because I haven't had the time to head down to their physical store yet but I am already in love with a lot of items!!

You too, can be amazed by the variety they have! Just head down to  :

[6A KENSINGTON PARK ROAD, Singapore, Singapore 557258]
They are open : Tuesday to Sunday 15.00 to 22.00 
Also, if you see anything you like on their Facebook page, you can PM them or email them at berth19online(@)

I cannot wait to head down to the store when I have the time, the owner is an extremely nice person so don't be afraid to approach!! 

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