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[GIVEAWAY] Levi's & Takashimaya Voucher
Monday, April 22, 2013

Hi guys, I was invited to a fashion event last Saturday as an Omy Blogger! The event was called the "Levi's 501 Interpretation Event and it was held at ION Orchard!

I am still sorting out and editing the photos for a really bombastic blog-post filled with many many photos of the celebs and the fun-filled event so stick around for more!

In the meantime, are you all excited for a giveaway?????? THIS is my first ever giveaway and it is really also a way of appreciation to thank my readers that had stuck by my blog when it wasn't so interesting until it gets really more and more interesting after Jolene's Story was published. I know I was never consistent in my updating and I am truly apologetic for that. I am trying, everyday! 

To take part in this giveaway, simply FOLLOW me on Twitter and Instagram @JoleneSnow and if you ARE already a follower (Thank you!).. simple screenshot the page that shows you are currently following me and than email me at -> jolenesnow90(at)gmail(dot)com with the screenshot and also a short description of how you got to know me...(whether it is through Jolene's Story or whatever other means...) and why you LIKE following me on Twitter and Instagram. 

My favorite will receive not only a $50 Levi's voucher  but also a $10 Takashimaya voucher! Head down to ION Orchard to get a Levi's apparel and than to Takashimaya for some Gelato Ice Cream! Sounds tempting, no?

Here are the terms and conditions for for the $50 Levi's voucher so don't accuse me of not giving you the heads up on how the voucher can be spent okay? =)

Quick, quick, start to email me now! I will be meeting you personally to pass you the voucher if you are the winner! =) (Also because the voucher is only valid till 30th April so you got to go shopping at Levi's this weekend!)

You can get 2 scoops of Italian Gelato Ice Cream with this voucher you know.... So are you tempted yet? I might throw in another if your statement really touched me =D

AND YES, tomorrow's blog post shall have more photos of the event. Here is one that I took with Ian Fang.  I like the fact that he has improved tremendously ever since he has stepped into the industry and every time he speaks about his undying filial piety for his mum, it always touches my heart! 

Xoxo, till the next time. 

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