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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wine Roses.

Hey lovelies! This advertorial is a must-read because I will be feeding you with so much beauty and fashion information that you will definitely open your purse to start shopping!!!


Wine Roses started in 2012 and they offer wholesale prices for online businesses, bulk orders for retailers as well as direct selling to consumers. They provide fashion and beauty products at super affordable prices!

This online shop is owned by a very pretty owner, Xueting and her husband. I am very amazed at the amount of effort she puts into providing the best services for Wine Roses because she is constantly online, updating her page/ fb account so as to update everyone with new apparels/products. I don't even put that much effort in Oopz! =X

ANYWAY, Wine Roses has launched a VERY VERY special Mother's Day promotion for all of you people, young or old. It is time for you to pamper your mothers on this special day! If you don't already know, Mother's Day is on the 12th of May 2013, which is only about 2 weeks from now! Don't need to fret about what to wear, just look for Wine Roses! 

Wine Roses is now having a promotion on their Korea Dermal beauty products. Best deal in Singapore of discounts up too 50% off usual price! Sending a gift set consisting of masks, moisturizers  hand creams and hand masks will be one the best gifts to pamper your mum on this very special day so that she can always stay youthful! 
 More information about Pearl Whitening Cream:

Contains I amino acids, bezoar acid, more than 20 different kinds of minerals & etc. 
- pearl powder effective for detoxification and exfoliating spots or freckles on skin and for;
·  reducing mental stresses and curing sore throat
·  Activating metabolism, improving eyesight and curing insomnia
·  Promoting growth of pregnant woman's bone and promoting baby's intelligence
·  Sun protection -> pearl powder controls UV rays and protects skin from harmful factors 
·  Prevents melanin pigment formation
·  Effective hydration for skin -> natural moist materials are made with mostly amino acid, and the main ingredients of pearl are amino acids & other minerals 
·  Control of harmful oxygen activity
·  Pearl powder eliminates superoxide which is caused by ultraviolet ray, stress, drinking, smoking and various pollutants!
·  Prevent cell damage & sebum oxidation 
·  Can be used as an anti-aging cream 
Pearl powder is water soluble, thus it maintains skin acidulous, improves immunity and effective for anti-aging as well. It also helps to promote blood circulation, and cell regeneration. It is well known for whitening and cleaning effects. 
Meanwhile, pearl powder also helps the skin absorb cosmetic well and is very effective for brightening, soothing as well as whitening skin

More information for Snail nutrition wrinkle care cream:
Contains 80% of snail extract! Snail beauty products are the latest trend in Korea as well as Singapore! It is reviewed to be very effective in:
·  delaying ageing process of skin tissues and protects against oxidative action of free radicals 
·  improves elasticity, firmness, density and texture of the skin
·  Keeps skin soft and help heal troubled or acne skin
·  Brightens skin, soften wrinkles & treat fine lines
·  Wound healing -> very effective in snail hand cream for dry cracks!
·  Boost skin's ability to heal from the effects of dangerous factors and traumas caused by inflammation 
·  Repair and regeneration of damaged and cells affected by UV damage
Why Snail?
Dermal Snail Cream is an absolutely highly enriched exfoliate cream, It helps to slow down the ageing process of skin tissues and protects againt the oxidative action of free radical. The balance between collagen and elastin in the skin of snails is almost the same to that of humans. When snails face hardship, they naturally produce a sebum that is packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, immune modulators, proteins, co-enzymes and cell communicating in ingredients. This is the principle ingredient in snail creams. 

Absolute solution for acne, spots, blemishes, wrinkles & fine lines!

 So many to choose from for a beautiful face! BUY ALL LAH! 

Please click on photo for a larger image/better view!

Eugene has just brought so many boxes of masks from Taiwan for me so I am gonna finish them and get my hands on all these masks below from Wine Roses! 

See how meticulous Xueting is. She even took photos of how the different packages will look like to give customers a better understanding. WHY SO NICE AND EFFICIENT? =O I am such a disgrace for Oopz! Haha! 

Look at the variety of the package that they provide! 
Not 10% cheaper, not 20% cheaper, but 50% cheaper!!!! HOW AMAZING!
*Click on the image for better/clearer view. 

They are having an early bird privilege for customers who order now! Your sets will be packaged in their Korea Dermal exclusive gift boxes with ribbons as well as a card! It will be an extra convenience for busy workaholics who have no time to get a gift or even to wrap it for your mums! Save the trouble of rushing for last minute mother's day gift shopping by dropping us an order now! We have dispatch services too, at $3 only, to the place of your convenience or right outside your doorstep. :) 

Photo example below : 

Don't need to go Orchard Road after work already right? Must take public transport and squeeze like nobody's business or take the train and than SEKALI train fault again than you get stuck inside and can't breathe...... =X Just go home, turn on your PC/laptop, go onto Facebook and look for Wine Roses and than.... START SHOPPING! It is that easy! Click, click, click and click. No hassle at all! Pay $3 and your purchase can be shipped to your DOORSTEP, how convenient is that? You don't even need to get out of your house and still get your hands on SO many things!

I bought a black tassel bag from Wine Roses last 2 weeks and the delivery was so fast that I am so surprised! I bought it in the morning and when I reached home after work, it was already in my house ready for me to unpack! And being the super nice lady the owner was, she actually sent me 3 pieces of their Korea Dermal Masks as an appreciation for purchasing from her. I am so touched!! Why so nice to me when I only bought 1 bag!! I will definitely keep supporting them, my pay-cheque this month is being processed already, can't wait!

I tried on their Pearl Collagen Essence Mask and guess what? There was instant results!! Really, I am not lying! 

The mask even covers the eye. Damn cooling and shiok, I tell you. I was literally falling asleep with the mask on!
See the results! My face was INSTANTLY brightened and I only used the mask ONCE! Can you imagine if I use it every day? Although you cannot feel it but my face felt smoother x 10 times. So refreshing and so rejuvenating!

This was the black tassel bag that I bought from Wine Roses and I am so in love with it. It is so perfect for work whereby I can store A4 documents inside and also for non-work activities because I can put so many things inside and it doesn't look bulky at all! I love it so! I am a sucker for big bags cos I always bring so many things out. I shall do a "What's in my bag" video soon. 

What are you all waiting for? Start shopping now! Go on and like their Facebook page now! 


They are a registered company btw and I highly recommend them! One of the blogshops that  I can trust with my whole heart! 

For wholesale and bulk orders:

Contact them at:

email: wineroses(at) 10 Ubi Crescent #04-42

Ubi Techpark S(408564)

No time to waste already ok, start shopping now! And I have a good deal for you. Quote my name "JoleneSnow" with any purchase and you get to have a Korea Dermal mask FREE-OF-CHARGE!!! Yes, FREE! Try it to get the same results as me! 

Xoxo, till the next time!

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