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March Mid-Month Rants.
Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hey there people, how has your 2013 been? It is now the third month of the year and we are all wheezing through the year like bumblebees. I am in awe that 2012 and 2013 actually passes so quickly. It is as if everything is on fast-forward mode!

Anyway, I went for the National Arts Council's WORDS GO ROUND 2013 last week and I am totally changed! I love talking to the students in different schools so much that I actually think I would love to do it EVERYDAY of my life.

I went to Bedok View Secondary School and CHIJ Toa Payoh on 2 different days and both experience was amazing! It was my first time doing public speaking but those students were ALL SO NICE! Really!

These photos were when I was in BVSS and the people there were all so nice. I was nervous and a little jittery when speaking but they made me feel really welcome! These hi-res photos were taken by National Arts Council's photographer and all rights solely belongs to them.

 See them all so responsive when I ask questions! Haha, I was actually giving out a copy of my book for FREE! Who doesn't like free stuff? I gave the book to a guy name Jing Jie and he still bought another one for his friend after the talk ended. So nice right!
 That's him looking all pleased in the photo!
 I remember him, Kaiser Kor! His name is rather unique, no?
 I felt really short being in the midst of all the tall students :D

 This is Xin Hui and she is really nice too. So sweet looking and an intelligent girl definitely!

I had such a great time there! All the students queued up nicely after the talk to buy my book, to get my autograph and to take photos with me. They were all really sweet, thoughtful and just brightened up my day. Some found my instagram/twitter and chatted with me days after! I really enjoyed making friends with them and touching their lives. I cannot describe those feelings, they were heavenly!

Next were the girls from CHIJ TPY. I was late for the talk but they were all so nice and patient about it even though it was the late afternoon and everyone was hungry and sleepy.

They were all a little shy and quiet at first but as they started to warm up, we were all having a good time!

 The super nice marketing manager of Marshall Cavendish, Tammy, was there for both sessions to give me support and I never felt more comforted ever!

 All the very sweet young girls whom I have befriended in CHIJ TPY, I will never ever forget you guys!
Did a short video for National Arts Council after that and it was so awkward because I am not photogenic nor "video-genic" but I tried my best! =D

 Look at the ugly lips!
 And what awkward position is this?

 Hui Qi, Amanda and June came along to the talk at CHIJ TPY and I truly appreciated their support. It was so touching and I just love them! Amanda even surprised me because she was supposed to be in Bangkok during the day of the event!

Over the weekends, the online shop that me and Hui Qi created --> Oopz! had our first ever flea at Scape! It was a super tiresome day for us but we gained a lot a lot of experiences!

Our booth was located outdoors and it was un-sheltered. It was all bright and sunny and we were happy --AT FIRST. Late afternoon came and the sky started turning stormy and the dark clouds arrived. Unlike other vendors, we didn't have any cloths or plastic wraps to shelter our goods and ourselves. The very nice lady beside us borrowed us her umbrella though. But the agent who was in charge of the bazaar was so inconsiderate and rude. The rain came all too suddenly so we actually moved the table into the walkway for us to pack our items back into the luggage but he scolded us for blocking the walkway and moved our table back into the rain!! All our apparels and accessories were wet but he didn't care. He kept scolding Hui Qi and forced her to move our clothes rack into Scape Mall, telling her to go as inside as possible, where there were lesser crowd. After chiding her, he actually came back to scold me because I had packed my items into the luggage but had left the tablecloth there. I was so helpless, carrying so many things, drenched and all he cared about was that piece of tablecloth. He scolded me for leaving it there to be wet! How heartless can people be? Caring about their business but not about our safety? Other neighboring vendor, a really nice Malay girl actually ran over in the rain to help me pack my items when she saw me struggling. That was what humanity was suppose to be like!

Anyway, we moved indoor into Scape Mall without our table and started to place our items on the floor to sell. We placed plastic bags on the floor and than the items on top of the plastic bags. We had no choice as our table was already wet and we of course, wanted our items continue to be selling right? The agent came again and scolded us saying that they had an image to keep up and we were not supposed to place our products on the floor! I told him that our table was wet and very rudely, he said that we should dry the table ourselves with toilet paper! (By the way, we paid $65 for the table and ONE chair. Yes, only ONE chair was provided unlike normal flea market agents who provided TWO chairs.) Fine than, we moved the table into the mall and cleaned up. We continued to sell our items until Mei Qi came with my beloved god-son, Baby Reyes. The rain had stopped by then and everyone were back to the outdoors. With Mei Qi's help, we moved everything outdoors again. We continued selling and my darling Mei Qi was a really great help! Sales weren't very good and we sold most items near cost price. At the end of the day, we did gained a lot of experience and also we learned that we had to choose the RIGHT flea market agents.

 We had joy, we had fun, we got drenched but together, we learned and grow!

At the end of the day, whether or not we earned from the flea or not... We still grow from the experience and we were not deterred by it! SOME people judged us and criticized us, saying that we wasted our time as we didn't earn much on that day. But EXCUSE ME, who are you to talk so much? Try setting up an online shop like us, going to different countries/places to HAND-PICK our goods for our customers, giving in to their demands of where to meet-up just for them to receive their items quickly. We had many things to handle together with our blogshop. We have school and work. I have my many jobs and I have my book to promote. How could people so maliciously condemn us? They say that we should not MARKET our shop and products to our OWN friends or else we will not know how the public thinks of our online shop. HELLO, EXCUSE ME, are you blind? We actually set up a FLEA in a public place and you can say we are MARKETING to our friends? Everyone at Scape were our friends is it? What a brainless judgmental person you are.

Anyway, Oopz! will definitely continue to prosper, we know it! Our next flea should be on the 7th of April at Bugis+(Formerly known as iLuma). Details to be re-confirmed again.

I have a close's friend's wedding to attend this weekend and I am one of her bridesmaid. It will be so exciting and I am so eager to make her big day the best one ever.

Until the next post people!


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