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Friday, March 15, 2013

 ....but the memory lives on forever.

I always go on and on and say I aspire to be a blogger because I really love to write but I am always so lazy to sit down and do up a decent blog post. It is just pure procrastination! If I don't blog, what is there for people to read? If people don't read, how will viewership increase? How would I get paid to do advertisements for companies right? How could I start to be a full-time blogger and do what I absolutely LOVE to do ---> WRITE!


Judging from my title, do you all know what I would be blogging about?

Actually it will be nothing dramatic, I would just be blogging about.....

Many people have been envious of the relationship that I have with James because we have been in a 4 year long relationship now. (We will reach our 5th year anniversary this September!) I have no secret manuals or guide to share with you as to how to maintain a relationship but I will tell you how we manage to stick to each other even through all the annoyance we cause to each other. 

You can backtrack and read back on my older posts to see how many times I rant here about how horrible/sucky/unromantic James was as a boyfriend.

But nah, he isn't so bad. I really was very childish and I expected SO MUCH! 

Every girl has a dream-like version of their other half ever since they first understand the meaning of falling in love or having infatuations. For me, my ideal dream-like other half should be super romantic, showering me with surprises. Most girls do, right? 

But guess what? I fell in love with someone who is the total opposite. He is very practical and he doesn't really know how to come up with surprises or sweet sugary words all the time. Nevertheless, I stuck with him throughout these years because he bore with my crazy temper all the time and he forgives me almost instantly whenever I do something wrong.(Most times I don't admit it's my fault!!) And the best thing about him? He will drop everything to be by my side when I call him and he can hear that I am crying. I don't even have to tell him the reason why I am crying, he will come. 

Through the years, we learnt a lot and we grew together. We wanted to keep the relationship going, so we compromised on many things. In the past, I would get angry for no particular reason and we would fight a lot. We would mostly keep all the internal anguish and hurt inside until we explode and have a huge fight, causing a lot a lot of restrains and agony. As we matured, we always try to open up immediately when we feel injustice or unhappy about something the other half is doing or has done. For example, I will tell him that I really dislike it when he is always looking at the phone/laptop. He can practically marry them, I tell you! I hate that. He is still constantly doing that but remember something!! --> When you tell your other half to change some bad habits, you cannot expect them to do so immediately. Always give each other TIME! :) Sometimes, people leave each other due to unreasonable expectations so stop expecting, people. Do what you feel is enough to make the other half want to do the same to you. Don't demand. Behave in a way that will make the other person love you without you having to constantly ask and demand. Love will flourish that way, trust me!

These photos were taken a very very long time ago, in 2009. 

I strongly recommend you to go for photoshoot(s) with your lover, bffs and family. They are the best way to keep the memories. Of course, you can take photos by yourself but when you allow the professionals to create the memories for you, they look SO beautiful! 

All photos were taken by Chris Ling Photography. They are super professional and I really love these photos! We had this photoshoot because we joined a couple contest. We didn't win but we really had fun and we had such lovely memories keep! I will want to go for another couple photoshoot with James again!

I especially LOVE this photo. Our smile looked so natural, like wow, we are super photogenic. *self-praise*

Oh and by the way! This is the first time I am releasing these photos on my blog! I uploaded these photos on Facebook long ago but never got around to blogging about them before. 

The above photo has a really nice effect but my face look like some BUN! Goodness gracious, ULTIMATE FAT FACE.

I will be THIS HAPPY when he proposes in the future! =D 

This was not an act. His legs are really HEAVY, felt like I was carrying a wood log. 

Say serious one, I really hope that I can live with this guy up to a ripe old age. Hee. I don't want to sound like a lovesick child but I hope that he is the one who will take care of my kids with hard together and than start a family through the years ahead. Up till we are so old with greying hair, I hope to be with him, maybe already migrated to New Zealand to grow strawberries together. I never expected us to walk this far. See! No expectations and look what happened? I found a gem! =)

Till next time! Xoxo.

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