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The shortest month, make the best of it!
Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And so, we are all in the midst of the shortest month of the year now. How fast!!

Before I proceed to rant, listen here! Have you got a copy of Lianhe Zaobao today? Do get your copy cos I am in it, in the Lifestyle session!

The journa that interviewed me for this article was the nicest jorna I have met ever! Nice people are just so appreciated! Anyway, I released a snapshot of the article on my social media feed earlier this morning on the way to work.

Updates updates! Mum and I are settling in our new rental flat and we are both settling in on our new jobs. I started earlier this week, on Monday and am still in the honeymoon period now because I am still learning! =) Hope to be an asset for the company soon! Still, I am trying to get used to sleeping at midnight and waking up at 6.30am cross-eyed every day. X_x

How did you spend your CNY? Mine was great cos I spent the whole CNY week with James, doing what everyone on CNY does – visiting, gambling, eating! I don’t really gamble but I really love to play mahjong! It’s such an addiction and that’s like the only “sport” I excel in. Valentine’s Day this year was pretty simple because James had to work on that day. We had a simple dinner at Lenas over at Nex Shopping Mall. Don’t really matter to me that it was a simple celebration cos love can be celebrated every day! =)

I’m already thinking of when I will be flying overseas this year. I flew to Bangkok twice or thrice last year, I can’t remember.

I've had a few female readers pm-ing me on Facebook telling me they really love my book and would really love to meet up with me. I will organize something soon alright? Please pardon my busy schedule! As for male readers, it’s kinda awkward to have a one-to-one meet up so please understand alright? I will organize a gathering or something, soon! J Ke yi mah? You all must continue to love and support me ok!

I just had a thought this morning, maybe I should keep Jolene's Story active? By continuing to write short stories online, stories of hope, life, adversities, love, basically everything! I love to write so much! By continuing to blog here and on Jolene's Story, I can practice and strengthen my writing too! Ok, remember to bookmark Jolene's Story on your browser alright!

ALSO, one more big news to update you guys! MDIS offered me a scholarship for a Media & Communications diploma!! FINALLY! I can study!! After taking a hiatus from studying since 2009, I am finally going back to studies. (Ok lah, I had no money so I couldn't continue my studies in the past). It wouldn't be easy because I would be juggling my full-time job and part-time studies at the same time but who says life was going to be easy? I have been through worse, haven’t I?

No photos in this post but I will update again, soon…. I hope!


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