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Singapore Writers Festival 2012
Thursday, November 22, 2012

Before I start my post about Singapore Writer's Festival, I would like to say a BIG BIG BIG "Thank You" to everyone who has bought a copy of "Jolene's Story" and has supported me all through this. You all are amazing and without you guys, all these would not have happened! I am so grateful to each and every one of you!

I have been receiving private messages from strangers who have bought and read my book and am full of encouragement and compliments for me, I am truly blessed to receive all of these!

On a side note, I just want to say that it really takes a lot to be a consistent blogger because I am the laziest person you may ever know and I would rather people be updated with my life via micro blogs like Facebook and Twitter (@JoleneSnow) !

Nevertheless, I am still here to jot down one of the most memorable event of this year!


Everything must first start with a cam-whore shot right so let this be the grand entrance =D

This was the #OOTD. Wearing my new ribbon-printed dress for the first time! I think it looks gorgeous!

Next are photos with my beloved babygirls... June and Hui Qi! If Amanda was not in Finland, I am sure that she will be here with us as well. 

I am so thankful that my girls were there for me during this event to calm my nerves and just make sure I am cheery and happy all day long! They even wrote me a very sweet card and also bought me a HUGE and LOVELY sunflower! So much love, how can I not be touched? 

When I was first told that I will be attending this event, I felt so honored and my nerves were literally jiggling! After all  I am just a new local writer and my book has just been launched on November 2nd! I never expected all these! =)

The moderator for the panel discussion that I was speaking for was super nice and she was so reassuring whenever I said that I was afraid I would clamp up due to anxiety. Ms Alison, my savior!

I tried my very best to be cool as cucumber but this was my VERY FIRST public speaking you know! How can I never be all jittery? I was on a Panel Discussion with such cool people like Jeremy, Lucas and Sharon Ismail! I love her acting in Code Of Law! She's all cool and chilled all the time!

Signing a book for a fellow budding author! Know more about her here! She's a writer of 2 malay novels!
Link here : Nirrosette Official !


One of my favourite author : Neil Humphreys actually bought my book and asked me to sign it! I was so happy, so excited and I was fangirling like crazy. I know there may be no such word called "fangirling" but you get my point right?

Without her, I wouldn't have achieved what I have today. I love you Mummy!
 The girls! They gave me a sunflower, too sweet!

Most beloved boyfriend who has a chapter in my book - James Liu.

Thank you to all of you who was there! Much loves!

Although the sunflower has died but the memories and the thoughts stay with me forever!

Ending the post with my face again!

I'll be back soon! Xoxo! 

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