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How thick is thy skin?
Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today, I am blogging about the thickness of people's skin or apparently, how "buay paiseh" someone can get. "Buay paiseh" can also be loosely translated as "not afraid to be shy".

I know of popular bloggers who gets sponsored for so many different items and they are paid to do advertorials for various items. They are bloggers like XiaXue , QiuQiu and Kay Kay.

I chanced upon this on gumtree and I was in shock!

Hello XXX here!


My blog:

I'm currently looking for blogshops who are able to PAY & SPONSOR me items (eg. apparels, accessories etc.) for advertorials on my blog.

Sponsorship (at least 3 items for me to keep) + review of sponsored items + brief write up on blogshop.

Type #1:
For blog post with photos of me with your products
SGD$ and at least 3 sponsored product/s.

Type #2:
For blog post with photos taken from your blogshop only

SGD$ only

Type #3:
For facebook or twitter shoutout only
SGD$ only

I also do product reviews.
I will name them "Sponsored Review" but since I am not paid, I will name everything that I see from my point of view.
It will not be considered as an advertorial, thus, bad points, if there are, will also be stated.

Rates for advertising your blogshop on my blog can be further discussed through email.

Any further enquiries can be clarified through email! :)
Do remember to email me if you're interested for me to advertise your blogshop for you!

Hope to hear good news from you soon! :)


The girl is only 15 years old. I am not saying that a 15 year old cannot be a blogger/ and I am also not saying that she cannot ask for sponsors a the age of 15. Okay, don't get me wrong. What I am saying is that how thick-skinned can a person get? This is just my own curiosity  I am not judging on anyone or talking about anyone. 

My friends all claim that I am one of the most thick-skinned person they ever know. I always tell them that I am the prettiest, the cutest, the smartest etc etc. But they know all of it is just for laughs and I was purely joking. There is a thin line between confident and over-confident. I know of people who blatantly am too over-confident. Sometimes James is like that too =D 

If I post photos of my ugly teeth here and than painstakingly go all out to ask for sponsors to sponsor me braces, is that possible? Now now now, you all will start saying "Your teeth is already so nice, what more changes do you want to do to it?!!"

My teeth are all very small. Really really small. My 2 front rabbit teeth juts out a little and the bottom ones are all messed up. Who doesn't yearn for straight teeth right? I am sure everyone wants them! I still remember when we were young, when our tooth fall off, the adults will ask us to stand by the window and than throw the tooth out to make sure that the new tooth will grow straight. I don't know if it is just me or have you guys done the same too? But obviously, it doesn't matter now because my teeth didn't grow out straight. I have really yellow teeth :( I used to be a really heavy smoker in the past but even after I quit, my teeth still remained yellow because I am a pretty heavy coffee drinker. I have to drink coffee everyday or I would feel like the living dead(which is pretty stupid because obviously the dead can't feel anymore)... Am I blabbering now? Gosh.

Look at this photo. My teeth looks SO awesome and nice as long as the bottom teeth can't be seen. The rabbit teeth is quite cute right? No? (Thick-skinned level : Jolene)

I always try to smile in a kind of posture so that my bottom teeth cannot be seen but in that way, the smile is not natural anymore!!!

My naked face and my mental guy.
Sometimes it looks a little awkward but I am still cute what right! Don't tell me cute means ugly but adorable okay. Cute means adorable, no ugly. 

AND HERE COMES THE PHOTO OF THE DAY. My very ugly teeth. Small, cute and well a little messy. Please ignore the caffeine stains and whatever acne scar is on my chin. I know that if I don't mention it, you all won't be looking at it right now. 

I AM STILL CUTE, at the end of the day :D 
Does any dental surgeons want to sponsor me braces now? In return, I will....... HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, okay, I am totally kidding here. 

This post was not to describe anyone so if anyone got offended by my post, well, not my problem! 

Thank you for reading guys! Xoxo.

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