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Disillusioned or Mentally Unsound?
Monday, November 12, 2012

Tomorrow, I will blog a post about Singapore Writer's Festival and also the recent media interviews for Jolene's Story.

BUT today, I need to rant about a troll. A really compulsive lying troll whom I have totally no relation to.

Her name is Jenn, a woman. Apparently, she is 5 years older than me as per her facebook profile.

She ain't actually worth a blog post but I really have to say this out and please do let me know if you also have a friend like this because I do not understand why this particular person is doing all these.

Let's make this a timeline so it's clearer to everyone.

I met Jenn a few years back and it was at a friend's (Let's call her G) wedding. She portrayed herself as a nice person. She was the girlfriend of G's elder brother. If you are a bit slow, you don't have to ponder about this part. ANYWAY, she painted my nails for me and Hui Qi because we were the sisters of the wedding. AND, that was it. I NEVER saw her again, anymore. That was our only casual meeting in my entire life. You can't even call us acquaintance. She added me up on Facebook and yes, that was it.

Fast forward to now, November 2012. My guy friend - SH started a new job as an account manager under a telco company. So...via Facebook, we happened to know that Jenn was working in the same company as him. SH came telling me that Jenn said she knew me and we had worked together in another telco company before?! I was stunned but maybe she had mistaken so I soon forgot about the matter.

Next, I heard from G that Jenn told her that I was now working in her current company and Jenn was my manager. EXCUSE ME? Is she disillusioned or am I the one?

Moving on, Jenn bought "Jolene's Story" and after reading it, she actually posted comments on my facebook wall. She posted something positive and I actually thanked her for her encouragement. AND she even told others to grab a copy of the book at Popular bookstores... which meant she liked it and am recommending it to others right?

She said that when she knew me, she didn't know I had such a past. I forgive her for that cos nobody would know about my past at first glance right? She said that I was always smiling and happy? Always? But I only saw her for less than 20 hours!

Never mind all these. I appreciate all feedback about my story, whether positive or negative but she actually PM-ed me on Facebook and gave me the most wtf feedback ever.

 She is telling me about grammar and look at her whole text? I wasn't angry you know, I swear! I welcome ALL feedback but this is ridiculous. Don't you think so?

And the next day when she went back to work. She told people in the office that my book was "NOT WORTH IT" to buy.

Hey, I know that not everyone will love my story. Some will hate it, some will love it. If you bought it and you read it and you disliked it, feel free to let me know and than burn away the book after. If you loved the book, let me know, I appreciate all your honesty.

BUT why did Jenn come telling me such positive and nice comments and than go behind me and tell others that the book was not worth their money? It's not the hypocritical side of her that I am angry with but I barely know her and she is an almost stranger to me. Why spread all these rumors and do all these?

WHAT DO YOU GAIN from this? It is totally fine with me for you to tell others that my book was not worth their money. There are many others who are willing to part with their money for my book. Just don't be such a hypocrite please? Stop telling others such lies because you will end up getting exposed one day. I just want you to know that these acts are totally revolting!

Why are there people like this? I need enlightenment!

P.S : Have you gotten a copy of "Jolene's Story?" Don't wait! =D

                                            Photo credits to Brett from Facebook.

I'll be blogging about the Singapore Writer's Festival soon and also some extra-sensationalized article of me in the recent newspaper on Saturday.

Till then, tweet me @JoleneSnow or email me if you have any questions! =)
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