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Dirty Or Not Dirty?
Friday, November 30, 2012

Today, I am blogging about an issue that has been bothering me for quite some time. It is a rather comical issue actually but I would just like to know your views and opinions about this matter.


I don't know about you girls/guys out there but I usually wash my hair once a day and I usually do so in the night. So, I am pretty much very clean before I go to bed.

During the night, I sleep and maybe a drool a little here and there on my pillow but because of the fan and air-conditioning, nobody actually gets dirty or sweats a lot when they sleep right? So, we DO wake up clean? Am I right?

We practically did nothing in the night and just lay on the bed like a log. There was no contact with anything dirty except for maybe some mosquitoes flying around maybe?

So do you think there is a need to bathe in the morning? Or is it okay to just wash up, doll up, get dressed and than leave the house?

I heard people saying that not bathing in the morning is actually quite dirty but in what way is it dirty?!!! I don't wash my hair in the morning but I do take a shower but I am still very curious on whether there is a need to bathe in the morning. Comment below and let me know what you think guys!

On a side note, I have something else to say. 

Words Go Round 2013 will be happening from 25th February to 9th of March next year! I will be one of the speakers for the English Programmes for students so if you want me to be speaking in your school, get your teachers known of this program and book now!

Get to know about this honorable event here : WGR 2013

The full programme can be downloaded from the website here : FULL PROGRAMME

 And so can the booking form : BOOKING FORM
They have a wide and wonderful array of programmes for all children, from Primary school pupils to Junior College students, and in Singapore’s four official languages – English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil – so schools have a vast and varied selection of activities to choose from.

If you can, do help  to spread the word about WGR 2013 (especially to any in-school contacts you might have!). And if you (or any of your contacts) have any questions, feel free to email them at

 Here's some self-shots of myself and my girls to end of the post beautifully!

The camo/military trend is kicking in and I love it! If you wanna sponsor me more camo/military outfits, please do! Hahahahah, I was just kidding there. I am not so "buay paiseh" okay?

 Apparently, Hui Qi looks like she didn't sleep for 5 days. LOL


A decent shot, at last.

Comment below on what you want me to blog about next. OR, you could tweet me at @JoleneSnow.

Have a good weekend you all! Xoxo.

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