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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hey guys! Here I am blogging about my first ever experience on radio! A dear follower on my Instagram actually told me to blog soon and instantly, I felt so bad because I had been so lazy and always being very pessimistic, telling myself that actually no one reads my blog.

Thank you to all who bothers to pop by here every now and than for updates! All of you are too kind please.

Yesterday, 27th November, was a pretty awesome day because it was my first time being on a radio and on a LIVE talk show!

I left for the studio pretty early but this cab driver totally trolled me big time today! I was at the opposite side of this driver and I hailed for him to stop. He did and he waited at the side. It took me awhile to actually cross over because there were so many cars and I wasn't at a traffic light. Once I crossed the road and reached BEHIND the cab, the driver drove away. I just stood there, stunned. Was he trying to be funny or did he just totally forgot about me in a split second? Possible? I didn't know whether to fume or to laugh, seriously!

Upon reaching the 93.8Live studios, I met up with Michelle Martin and oh my, she is absolutely stunning! She's tall, sexy and so elegant! She is so pretty that I was so star-struck! I kept telling her that I was so nervous but she chatted very cordially with me and made me feel very comfortable. It was so nice chatting with her!

She lead me very well when asking questions so that I could answer them briefly as well. She's so pleasant to me and we even chatted about BJJ and Muay Thai! :) Ladies who practice Martial Arts are just so much more attractive huh?

The program went really great in my opinion except that I was stuttering for a few times. The feeling of being "LIVE" was just too overwhelming for me. I was afraid of saying the wrong words, the whole time. There was one part I was reading from my book and I said "better" instead of "bitter".

I've received many feedback and well-wishes from you all. Most of you said that I did well for a first timer on radio and I must say you all are really too sweet! Some even said that my voice was very sweet, seriously? I always thought I sounded kinda manly, really! Whatever it is, I thank you all for listening. For people who had known me through my book and has not communicated with me in real life, you all can now finally put a voice to my face! :)

I hope I can have more interaction with my readers very very soon!

Here's the podcast of the "Live" show with 93.8 Live so if you have missed both the 2 pm and 11 pm slot, you can still listen to it here!

Jolene on The WoW Club on 93.8 LIVE with Michelle Martin !

Also, I really really love it when readers of "Jolene's Story" tag me on Facebook or tweet me after they have finished reading my book. I appreciate all honest feedback and reviews of the book. Best of all, I am more than happy to know that I have inspired you guys in one way or another. Feel free to write to me anytime!

She is absolutely stunning isn't she?

I wore a comfy long dress to Mediacorp today and it was perfect for a cold day! Bought it for $10 at Bugis Street. So sorry that I forgot to to an #Ootd on Instagram @JoleneSnow today! 

The below 2 photos are kinda irrelevant to my posts but I just would like to share with you all how cute my god-son really is. He is the chubbiest and most adorable pumpkin I have ever loved!

Till the next time people! Next update would probably be about my teeth cos I've been grumbling about it for some time!

Thank you for reading by the way! Love all!

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