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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The same old stuffs I am going to say again... I hate myself for being so repetitive but well, I am not constant in updating my blog again :(

Today, I received 2 good news! One of them is that my interview with poached mag had been released! You can read all about it here : Poached Mag Interview
Many thanks to Guo Wei from Poached Mag for being so nice and also Harris Sim from Poached Mag for making me look pretty in his photos :D They are both talented and fun-loving people!

The other news came from HDB. My close friends would know that this issue has been affecting me real bad but I am glad that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel! Greater things awaits me! Whoop!

Anyway, the purpose of my post today is to just randomly put in some photos whom you all have seen from my Instagram/Facebook.

When I first heard of the word "OOTD"... I was like what the heck was that? I didn't want to ask anyone because I was like "Everyone knows what is it leh. If I ask then they would not I am not up to date. Gosh, how?" I pretended to know what was it but every time I see someone mentioning it on Instagram or Facebook, I'd try my best to figure it out but I never succeeded. I think I gave in one day and asked Hui Qi about it.

So..... it was "Outfit Of The Day".

Once I found out what is was, there was no turning back. My instagram was full of it and when I went out with my girls, we'll be like "Eh, take ootd photos together leh" HAHAHAH!

The first person who started it should be like "I want everyone to know what I am wearing today and I must use a catchy term to call it, so OOTD it was!"

You can find many many many shots of #Ootd in Instagram in one day. I will always stalk my friends and other bloggers on what they wear and I must say, there are really no ugly people, only lazy people.

A nice dress can do so much for a good figure. (though I know I have none)

Below I uploaded some of the nicer OOTD(s) I had done this year.

                       This was taken during CNY this year and my face looks really huge here!    
                       Love the dress though! Only wore it once!
                                This was for Channel U's Funamania event at Zirca! Love this dress too!

                                     Okay, why am I repeating this OOTD?!
 This was for a dinner & dance function and we had an asian stars theme and I was trying to pass off as some Korean star. Hahahahahah. Don't laugh ok!

I super love long dresses and I hate the fact that people think short people are not suited for long/maxi dresses. It's all about the confidence, no?

Obviously. this was for some corporate meeting somewhere. But I think I really looked great. For a top-salesperson =D

At the beach.jpeg .... You don't say.jpeg

This was after I rebonded my hair this year! I really loved the top and I confess that I stole it from June. Hahaha. She loves me so.

This photo don't do me justice but I wore this beautiful dress to my first interview/photoshoot with Straits Time and the bowler hat just sort of became my favorite hat.

I really liked this get-up though I think it wasn't for any special event. I looked quite cute here, I thought so.

Gosh, why would I even take an OOTD shot at the supermarket? Please don't judge me. I just wanted to flaunt my BKK loots because I like to look "cheap". Sounds wrong there but well my whole get-up that day costs like $26 and I am just proud of it because I am as budget as you can imagine me to be.

I totally love this dress! This was my OOTD for a date with James on our 4th year anniversary! Looking good huh?

I actually wore this nice for work because I had to do my job at Town. (More about this shitty job in the next post) but well, I really love the shorts! So comfy and most importantly, it costs only 100baht! The aztec shoes I am wearing are super comfy as well. They would be launched in the next few collection of Oopz! (My online shop) (Please like the page & spread awareness pls!)

Backdate.... This was on the 2nd day of CNY...I think. I'm sorry, my memory is failing me.

This was my travel outfit, for fear of feeling to cold in the plane. I had reached Bangkok already, in this photo. I was at the airport.

My chatuchak get-up. This kinda cute tops actually trended for awhile back then in 2011. Now, it's all about moustache and more moustache.

This particular super comfy dress that I really like!
Wore it for hanging out with the girls....

And for an audition for Jack Neo's flim. Ignore the puppy face expression please. I was trying to look sad that my "fiance" dumped me for someone else.

This particular top that I totally worship! It just looks so good on me and it is purple in colour so what more do I have to say? I love purple!

I thought that this OOTD was kinda cute cos who can resist these heart prints on the dress? I just don't have a curvy enough figure to make this look SEXY! Hahahah.

If you stayed through reading these nonsense, I appreciate it so much.

I am currently down with tonsillitis and I just wanted to squeeze out a blogpost for you all not to forget me! =D Sick people are always attention-seeking right?

Anyhoo, follow me on Instagram & Twitter if you haven't! @JoleneSnow
Keep yourselves updated with news of @JoleneStory.

I am so happy that I am making my dream come true!

I seriously cannot wait for Singapore Writer's Festival!!!

Till then, XOXO.

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