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Sunday, October 07, 2012

My book will OFFICIALLY BE OUT on the 2nd week of November.

Are you excited?

Anyhoo, I've recently started an online shop with a friend & I hope that you can show your support by liking & sharing the facebook page at pretty please?

Again, I've not been regular with my updates here but I really have so much to do now!

(1) Tidying my online shop
(2) Working as freelance salesperson for my previous company.
(3) Doing paid reviews for a local webpage.
(4) Busying with the final proofs of Jolene's Story
(5) Promoting Kit-Kat. If you follow me on IG, you'd know that I have to wear a Japanese sch-girl uniform for this. I have been listening to all the shoppers at the supermarket saying I'm 15?!
(6) Making my life better, improving myself everyday.

At least for me, I know what I want in my life & at least I am 3/4 there in fulfilling my lifelong dream of being an author/writer. What regrets could I possibly have when I achieved what I want at age 22?

My current motivation is PSY & J.K Rowling. I started to work & feed myself since I was 15... 7 years on, right now.. I still have not much savings due to the incessant problems/burdens toiling on me along the way but never mind, I'm still pacing my way towards success. Don't even TRY to bring me down because that will only trigger me to be an even more aggressive success hungry person. Don't assume that is is so easy to write a book/life story just like I did. I went through a lot doing that, putting up my past together.

This random rant is just getting too emotional. Here's my face to lighten things up!

Behind the glamour.

Who says a wayward kid will stay wayward forever? ™
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12th October 1990, I'm a libran and lovin it!
I'm the author of (Jolene's Story), my first published memoir, a true life story under Marshall Cavendish!

-Wee Hwee Haw

Easily triggered emotionally and temperamentally. The perfect example of a girl who went through hell to finally meet heaven.

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