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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hello darlings!

Do you all notice that I am blogging more regularly now? I deserve praise for that right? right? right? Say yes lah, please! I updated Jolene's Story today and am now updating my personal blog, SO HARD-WORKING please.

The title of this blogpost is totally off-topic but I guess we just like to hash-tag everything nowadays due to the influence of twitter and Instagram. Am I not right?

I was just looking at my blog statistics and I realized something very very saddening. This personal blog of mine was started since 2008 and that's like 5?! FIVE?! 5?! ->  FIVE YEARS AGO. It has received like 6296 page views as of date while the blog about "Jolene's Story" started ONLY this year and already has 3171 page views as of today. #OKCAN

So you all like to read more about my dark secrets, tormented past than my current trying very hard to be successful life lah! #OKCAN I want to be as successful as PSY. Is that a very big dream? Never mind, I shall visualize it everyday. #TheSecret

Enough teasing, it does not matter. As long as I know all of you like really am supportive of me. I know all of you are super excited for my book to be out, so am I. But stay connected to this blog as well alright? Because I promise to update regularly.You all can use this post to threaten me if I ever stop blogging for months. PEACE!

Today marks the second last day of my job in my current company. Nevertheless, I am still going to work as a freelance salesperson so if you all know of anyone who wants to sign up broadband/mobile lines/cloud services/telephone lines for their company, please refer them to me. I need my RICEBOWL! Haha. Sounded really dramatic there.

I must update my camwhore photos here because I am afraid tha you all may forget how I look like. This was what I wore to the ST photoshoot that day and I thought I looked really really nice so I must share my happiness with all of you. Selfless me! *tongue in cheek* But say real one, I don't look very nice on normal days one you know. WHY? You ask me.

(1) I am super lazy.
(2) I am super lazy.
(3) I am a sloth.

My photo always makes me look sweet and cheerful and happy and joyous etc etc etc... But in real life, I am super lazy to make up + dress up. I am always afraid that I will bump into someone I know on my lazy days and I am practically always lazy. Okay lah, I will try and change and try to look better and take nicer photos for all of you. But can I bribe you all to click on my Nuffnang Ad? I have never cashed out any Nuffnang cheques before lor :( Blame myself for being such a lazy arse.

This was what I wore to the photoshoot and this is a super awkward pose because I was at a void deck and I was very SHY.

I find this photo of mine super artistic. Or maybe I just think too much. IN CHIOBU WE TRUST. So...... please TRUST me. Yours truly!

This very sweet boy of mine got me a gift but he was pretty upset because he bought the item online and yet the merchant sent the transaction receipt to me instead. He was damn furious I tell you! He is not someone who always throws me surprises but when he tries to put in a little effort, it was spoilt by the merchant. But nevertheless, I love the gift very much! I don't think I will bear to use it though, it is SO nice!

Thank you, James!
                                          *Image courtesy of Viv Ng.
                                          A specially customized pen with a very sweet and thoughtful note.

 I met my girls yesterday for dinner at town and we never fail to snap self-shots because we just love our faces too much! Every photo is a memory for us.

Lastly, before I end this post.... I would like to share this super good deal with you guys. $10 NETT per pax  and you can sing for 5 hours straight at KBOX!!!! I chanced upon this deal and I think you guys should fully utilize this deal! Super worth it please, no meh?!!!!!! $10 inclusive of a drink and the snacks, WHY YOU NO GO SING NOW? The only catch is that you have to be a KBOX memeber. So don't wait anymore, go SIGN UP like NOW! It's only $10 for a LIFETIME membership card. WHY not right?

P.S : Nobody paid me to advertise for KBOX so I am being so nice to share this deal with you fellow people who loves singing as much as I do. Now do you love me more? :)

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