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Shit, Nothing But A Pile Of Shit.
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What should I blog about? Is there anything to say?

Changes at work has caused me so much sorrow. The useless new "manager" is just useless. He is lazy, irresponsible and he just loves to push all the shit to me, to settle on my own. He is suppose to support and help us. Bullshit. He does nothing of that sort.

Screw him. I still have to bear with him for a month more. Goddamnit.

Today, I saw something and instantly I turned into a miserable fag. I thought that work was miserable enough already but guess what? Someone else had to dig up more poop and add into the pile I already have.

Why is this happening? Why? Why is it happening when I thought that everything had ended.

Over & over again, GrM put me through those shits, those debts. I pulled through. But up till now as you can see with your own eyes... The trust for GrM is already gone. We are no longer as close as before. Would you want the same thing to happen between us? Are you sure?

The very last time, you told me that it was the final, it was the last. And now the same old script gets played again. The hesitations, the lies.

I gave you a chance to be honest, to open up. I asked and yet you lied. You should know that I know it very well whenever you lie to me. Your body language tells it all. I saw that text, I heard the calls. I gave you a chance to be honest, I asked but you didn't take the chance.

Stolen my money, stolen my phone. Lied to me over and over and over again? Is this karma? Is this my retribution for lying to you when I was a child? I have never ever done anything against you before. I have never forsaken you or beaten you up like many other people had. I've asked you many many many times before already.... If you need money, ask me, ask and I will give it to you.

What do you want from me? I am already going through so much shit at work.. what else do you want seep away from my soul? Do you want me to give you my life? I really do not know when you would change. You know how much I hate all these, and you yet just continue to do them over and over again. I feel so stupid, I feel like I am just a stupid idiot to let you fool over and over again.

Serious shit. You treat me very well in all other aspects but this is one big problem that you have to overcome yourself. I will not be an idiot anymore.

No longer your muse.

Behind the glamour.

Who says a wayward kid will stay wayward forever? ™
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