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My First Audition (Time No Enough)
Friday, March 30, 2012

My earlier post yesterday was about that friggin budget airline. But this post is gonna be even more interesting.

It's about my first time going for an audition for a movie. This was SUPPOSED to be my second audition but I missed the first one because I was leaving for Bangkok on that day. So my agent actually emailed me about this casting call & arranged for me to be there at 2pm. It was held somewhere in Katong, if I remember correctly.. Boyfr went along with me just to accompany me & give me some support. I was so nervous, I was practically shaking in the cab.

Once I reached the venue, I was told to fill up a form & than I was given a number plus a random script. The banner outside the venue said that anyone could audition for this movie so I told James to join it for fun. He declined though. Hahaha. My boyfr is such a private person while I am so attention-hungry! Yin-yang!

Anyway, I went through my script.. We were given the script in both Chinese & English and we could choose to act out whichever we chose to. I really sucked in my Chinese language. (God knows how I got A2 for my Nlevels seriously) but I found that the script in English sounded really weird. So it was Chinese for me. I was supposed to act as a relief teacher who's fiancé cheated on her.. The most important part about this role was to compose the right emotions. I thought that I could try to squeeze some years maybe? I had everything planned out in my head but I had like only 20% confidence in myself. Everyone looked rather dreamy, talking to themselves, rehearsing their scripts. My first experience with an audition and it was so interesting.

Honestly speaking, I knew deep down that I wouldn't be chosen because I wasn't prepared. I didn't know what to expect when I meet with the panel of judges. I presumed there would be like maybe 3 judges up there.. And maybe I could use someone as my cheating fiancé to make the act more convincing?

I was so anxious that I went to the restroom to pee & somehow when I went back, I had missed my number. So I informed the in charge & he arranged for me to be next! I was led to the stairs & I stood there listening to the lady that was acting with so much emotions in her voice. She had the judges attention in her hands, the applause that she received was just so loud! At that moment, I really felt like just leaving, giving up.. Seriously. I wanted to walk away. I knew I couldn't make it. But I had gotten cold feet 2 years ago when I applied to join Star Search, got a priority slot and than decided not to go for it. So I thought... This time I'm just gonna go for it.

So my turn came, I walked up the stairs and there were like SO MANY judges. I think there was like 8? My nerves had gotten over me & I just dare not look at anyone of them. I was told to hold my number up, take a photo and start.... And shit. The perfectly memorized script in my head just vanished. And I didn't know what to do. So I,as expected.. Screwed up. I just babbled some nonsense, tried to be sad... Ok, I was really sad. Not cos of e script but cos I knew I was wasting the judges time.. Looking at my stupid act. I failed badly.. And I ended e act rather awkwardly. All I received was some pathetic encouraging nods from the judges as if telling me "You suck, but at least you tried."

I knew how badly I did and I felt so sorry for wasting the judges' time. But after all, I learnt! I was brave enough to go for it, experienced it & well, just do what I wanted to do. Doesn't matter that I didn't get any roles cos at least I tried! (Self-comfort)

Here are a few photos which I was tagged in on Facebook.

You all may judge, may laugh or criticize but I don't care. It was an experience for me, I enjoyed it somehow! Many others out there don't even grab hold of the opportunity!

I looked pale,my face was cramped but still you all can see the tinge of sadness right? Come on.. Say yes? Hahaha.

That's all for now.

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