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Friday, March 30, 2012

This is the THIRD time I am writing in to you, CUSTOMER CARE DEPARTMENT. I am completely disappointed with your company, who was supposed to be the BEST budget airline in Singapore. My boyfriend, James, has written in maybe 3 times? So together we have written in to you for 6 times. I REPEAT, SIX TIMES. So you think we have all the time to write feedback forms to your side everyday??? EVERY SINGLE TIME we write a feedback form over to your side, it is EITHER we DO NOT get any reply or we get a stupid auto generated reply saying we need to WAIT 15 days for the issue to be resolved. You keep telling us 15 days, 15 days, 15 days.. HOW MANY 15 days do we have to wait? We were promised a $250 voucher for EACH PASSENGER from your side at the Bangkok international Airport when our flight was overbooked. All we got was two pathetic $100 voucher, I think we definitely deserved more than this for this stupid ordeal we were put through, Do you know the time and effort we have wasted just to settle this issue? FIRST, flight overbooked, we received a lesser compensation than promised. Second, we called the hotline several times, sent feedback forms several times and NOT ONCE did we receive any follow up calls from your side AT ALL. You guys have FAILED SO MANY of your customer service guarantee and NOT ONCE did you all try to appease customer or provide a PROPER SATISFACTORY compensation for all these. We asked for the compensation, it took weeks. For the receipt for the refund, it took weeks. We needed the receipt urgently to send it to our insurance agent to claim, it took weeks. Everytime we call your incompetent hotline, all we received was a reply that WE HAVE TO WRITE IN so that the customer care department can do something. AND AFTER we write in, we have to wait for 15 working days, We received replies saying that "We are sorry Ms, but we are the reservation department so we cannot do much but to escalate this issue to our customer care department." When I asked to be transferred to the customer care department, IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE. Why?? Than what is the department for? To hide behind the computer and send automated replies telling us to wait 15 days? Please enlighten me. The MOST RIDICULOUS issue was that whenever your side send us the receipt or did the transfer of our refund, we RECEIVE NO CALLS OR EMAILS to inform us. We need to call in EVERY single time TO FINALLY find out that OH my receipt has been sent, OH the refund has been done. We were told that our refund was transferred on the 1st of March 2012 but when we checked the banking accounts, there was no money transferred. We called to inform your company but guess what was the reply? "Our system shows that the transfer is done, if you did not receive, you have to write a feedback form to us." AGAIN! So another stupid 15 days of waiting YET AGAIN. Have you all ever stood in our shoes for all these trouble we had to go through? You write this on your website --> [ We strive to make every part of your experience with us uncomplicated, pleasant and enjoyable. That’s why we have over 7,000 people doing their very best, all day, every day, to get you to where you want to go.  }.. Sorry, EVERYTHING was complicated, it was NOT PLEASANT that we could not go on the flight we booked and it WAS NOT PLEASANT to be told that our flight was overbooked, we had no choice but to wait 12 HOURS LATER. This stupid process to get the refund and compensation from your company was NOT A BIT of enjoyable at all. YOU KNOW THAT? You understand how we feel? Every time I call the customer service hotline, I try my best to speak in the NICEST tone possible and not vent my frustrations on them BECAUSE I know they did not cause this. I stood in the place of your personnels to not ruin their day but WHO IS going to UNDERSTAND ME? The MOST hilarious situation happened. It took US a whole month to finally UNDERSTAND WHY our refund did not came into our account. Our account number started with [ 209 ] and your side actually TRANSFERRED to an account starting with [ 009 ] .WHAT IS THIS? Please tell me. We only managed to FIND OUT because we called over to your hotline and demanded for the transaction details FOR US to INVESTIGATE ourselves. It was only TODAY, 30th of March 2012, 30 days after the transaction that we finally FOUND OUT what was wrong, We DID inform you that we did not receive the refund, BUT THAN did you all do any investigation AT ALL? It is now the beginning of April, it has been ONE MONTH PLUS since our flight. When we spoke to your customer service personnel and told them that you guys have transferred to the wrong account, the reply we received was          "We are sorry, but the account number is indicated in the system" It SEEMS that there was nothing you all can do?? Nobody offered to help us rectify the situation, we have to call YOUR SIDE and ask "HOW ARE YOU ALL GOING TO RECTIFY THE SITUATION?" So we were told ONCE again to write in this FEEDBACK FORM, and wait for another 15 days (WHAT'S NEW?)...I called the bank and the bank said that your company MUST inform them so that they can DO SOMETHING. So WHEN WILL YOUR COMPANY inform the bank for us and do something? We want to see our refund. Will this feedback of mine receive any reply? I shall wait and see.

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