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Friday, February 17, 2012

To whom it may concern, I hope that this COMPLAINT from me can be handled asap and I expect a positive reply from the management of "J". I have always sang HIGH praises to my friends having travelled twice on "J", always telling my friends how smooth and comfortable "J" was unlike OTHER budget airlines. But from my recent trip, I received the most unexpected surprise from "J". I had to take back my words about "J" being the BEST budget airline. I travelled to Bangkok on the 10th of February 2012. Everything went fine. But as I was returning on the 15th of February 2012, I went to the "J" counter at the airport and the attendant actually told me that there was overbooking so my boyfriend(who was the one who booked the tickets) and I could not board our assigned flight, 3K *** at 09.15am(Thailand time). We were told that there were only 180 seats in the plane and already there were 179 people checked in. That left us with 1 seat?!!!!! What the heck is this? It is just plain ridiculous. We were even told that 192 tickets were sold? That means other than me and my boyfriend, there were 10 other people who were affected? How can you explain this "J"? So there was something wrong with your system you may say so? But how can you allow your system's latency to affect 12 passengers? We were left with 2 choices as told by the attendant. We could either wait for the next flight at 9.15pm! Excuse me? 9.15pm Thailand Time? What crap is this really? If we waited for the next flight, we would be reaching Singapore around midnight. What could we do for that 12 hours at the airport with our 3 huge luggages? The second choice was to cancel the flight and get a refund while we book another flight back to Singapore. Excuse me, so now we have to fork out our own money to book another flight at the last minute just to fly back to our country? I cannot accept this ridiculous mistake you guys have made. We were told that we had to wait about 4 weeks for our refund. Nobody from "J" contacted us after we flew back to Singapore to at least apologize or let us know when or how we were going to get refunded. You guys don't even care. I do not understand why we had to wait for 4 weeks for the refund when we had to fork out our own money at that time to book another flight. "J" is being so irresponsible here. "J" just LEFT us with no other choices, it was just like a take it or leave it situation for us. No flights were arranged for us, for that 12 passengers who were affected I suppose? We were left to fend for ourselves, to book another flight or to wait like idiots till the next flight at night. If we were to wait till the next flight at NIGHT, who was going to compensate us for the time & money wasted? My boyfriend had an exam in the afternoon on the 15th and because of "J's" latency, he had missed the exam. I had lots of work waiting for me but becuase of "J's" latency, I lost a few deals. How are you going to compensate all these? We did managed to book another flight at 12.30pm(Thailand time) and reached SG around 4.45pm. We still had to idle at the airport for around 4hours, we had reached at 8.30am by the way. So much time and money was wasted, how are you going to compensate us,enlighten me please? Look at this rule stated in your conditions page : "11. Schedules and Seating: The flight time shown on your Itinerary and Tax Invoice may
change between the date of booking and your date of travel. "J" does not guarantee
the flight times but will make reasonable attempts to notify you in the event of a material
change. "J" does not guarantee you any particular seat." It says that "J" will make reasonable attempts to to notify us of any changes? What attempt did you all make? Did you check where we staying and than informed us EARLIER about this or did we only managed to find out at the CHECK IN counter at the ELEVENTH HOUR? I would expect an acceptable response from you regarding this. Please reply me with acceptable answers. (1) I would like to know : How much would you be refunding us? Give me a total sum. (2) WHEN you will be giving the refund, give me an EXACT date. And HOW? (2) How will you be compensating us for this bad experience with "J", I hope for a positive reply and not something like we will do better next time. Before I write this complaint, I was already on the verge of putting this matter in the light of the media but everyone deserves a chance right? Awaiting your kind reply. Thank you. You may reply me via my email as I am afraid that if any customer service personnels were to call me, they would be on the verge of my verbal bluntness and anger.

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