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Friday, January 27, 2012

So.. I just spend an hour or so editing photos and videos for my first vlog. OMG, it is really damn tiresome you know. The reason I have been procrastinating when it comes to doing an actual vlog.

HOW WAS YOUR CNY people? Have you won a lot of money? Or have you lost a lot like me!!!!!
There are bound to be winners and losers so let's just suck our thumb and yeah, move on with life.

This vlog vaugely sums up Day 1 and Day 2 of my Chinese New Year!

I spent it visiting James' relative, going for a short getaway in Superstar Virgo and than returning to SG on the second day for his cousin's house visitation.

I have lost a few hundred bucks due to gambling and I think I am going to surrender! Hahah. Third day was spent having lunch at Changi Village, returning home to "bai nian" to Mummy dearest with James & Celine. We had dinner at Hougang Ave 8 and than went back to B's house for Poker yet again. Naughty B has skipped school for 2 days already!! 

Day 4 of CNY was spent sleeping till 1pm. I slept at 7.30am!!!!! Met up with "MC" at 3pm and was very happy with the meet up because great opportunities are lying ahead of me if I grab this chance. So wish me luck people! I will release the awesome news when everything is stabilized. Alright? I promise. 

Rest of the photos are here. I didn't include them in my vlog cos I think that my first vlog is already too lengthy. So here goes...

These photos are taken with my Lumix camera so that explains the separation from the other photos in the video.

Celine, Aunty Irene, James & Eugene.
                                          Birthday girl on CNY as well.

                                                     Always so supportive and nice to me

                                                    I think this pic is very nice, just saying!

 Photos taken in Superstar Virgo!

GREAT! Now I am officially addicted to Poker. Like really addicted. I cannot wait for movie date with Baby later on and than Poker again. Saturday we will be having reunion dinner with all the dudes and than POKER again.

Like I said, I am Lady Gaga. :D Poker face. I really do not want this week of holiday to pass so fast because I do not want to start work yet! :(

I want CNY everyday!!

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