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How I spent my Xmas in 2011.
Monday, December 26, 2011


I have had an awesome Christmas this year. How was yours? Feel free to share them with me.

Oh yeah, let me side track a bit over here. My M1 fibre broadband has finally been installed last Friday on the 23rd! I finally have a speedy internet service at home. Goodbye you lousy 7.2mbps broadband on mobile!!! 100mbps fibre broadband service at only $39/month! I think it's damn worth it. I signed up for this service at the Sitex roadshow so I bet this offer will be out again soon in March where there will be another road show. So do sign up for it! I signed up for the one that comes with a FREE Acer Aspire TimelineX by the way, if you are curious to know.

Refer below. Photo credits to VR-Zone.

ANYWAY, back to the jingle bells story. I spent my Christmas doing these : ......................... *lights off,music on*

I dressed up as Minnie Mouse yet again on Christmas Eve! *grins*
I am obsessed with my Minnie Mouse hair band obviously and I nonchalant to anyone, everyone who calls me childish :D

 On the way to meet the rest @ Compass Point for some grocery & log-cake shopping!
 No photos taken while we were shopping because when we meet, we become a bunch of noisy aunties and we forget all about cam-whoring. Hahaha.

Guess what I found at June's house!!!!!!!! A calendar with the same logo as my tattoo!! Cool or what. Makes me feel like some sort of an ambassador. Or rather I felt like I was one of the death eaters and this calendar was promoting Voldemort. -_- I hope you get my lame joke here.

 Juney dear baked cookies for us!!! So sweet. Apparently, I have finished them as of today. EXPECTED WHAT!

LOOK AT THE SPREAD. Super new year-ish right? It was like some sort of Christmas reunion dinner for us. We haven't met up as a clique for ages you know so yeah, it's definitely a reunion! Not only do we have food prepared by June's mum, we also have loads of fried food like chicken wings, wantons and also fish balls. Did I make you drool? June's mum is really super hospitable and very nice! She doesn't mind messing up her kitchen for us. I love her! She's so smiley and so kind. June's place is rather a quiet home but when Amanda, Hui Qi and I enter her humble home, we turned the place into some market! Serious! I bet the neighbours could hear our laughter 3 units away. Luckily, nobody came to complain. 
 Our mango flavoured log cake. We only came to realize that all log cake were made of swiss rolls. Or was it because it wasn't from a high end confectionery? It was from Polar by the way. It was still nice anyway.
 Lam Hui Qi, the one who always gets bullied.
 Amanda, the very fashionable one.. always!!!
 June, the TALL one.. as always. Everyone is TALL to me. FML.
 YOU SEE. If she is not the TALL one, who is? She always has to bend down to take a photo with me. 委屈你了 June! Is that how you write "wei qu" by the way?
 Hui Qi's professional skills lor.
 My baby boy.
I enjoyed having heart to heart chats after dinner with the girls, spilling our hearts out and giggling like school girls. Oh, they still are school girls. I am the only WORKING ADULT. Boo.

After the steamboat and heartfelt conversations, James and I went over to Bishan for Fang Yu's barbecue celebration. We reached there pretty late and the lights at the pit were already turned off. Why so cheapo for what huh anyway? It was ONLY 10pm and it was Christmas Eve some more. Stingy!!! So apparently, due to the lack of lightnings, I didn't take away photos with Fang Yu, Jasmin or my beloved Raphael and Fedora. How sad!

After the barbecue was over, Fang Yu and the rest went for their drinking session while Baby and I headed back to Xin Wang HongKong cafe to meet my girls again.

 He looks really nice when he smiles but he barely do so when we take photos. :(
 Us beauties!

 They said do a "鬼脸“ and I didn't know they were all doing almost the same stunts while I was there trying to act like a ..... PIG?

 Thanks to Fang Yu for the hand-written Xmas letter and your gift. I have 2 piglet cartooned cups now! 1 from Ferlyn and the other one from Fang Yu!!
Jasmin got me this leopard printed jacket and I love it with all my heart and soul. All leopard printed stuffs always gives me the "love at first sight" feel you know. 
OKAY, before you start judging me... Let me explain this photo. This was how my hair looks like after I loosen my bun after a long day and I felt that it looked really nice. Many critics will definitely say I look like some insane bitch here but whatever. I am intending to perm my hair and it MAY look like this after perming you know. What do you readers think? Should I perm?
 Fast forward to Christmas Day! Russel was allowed to come out with us on Christmas day to celebrate his birthday and also Christmas as well. The pure joy when I saw him was unexplainable! I haven't seen him for so long and he has changed so much!!!!!! Still my cute, handsome and jovial little one. I wished I could see him daily :(
 Mum was rather emotional that day as she missed Russel as much as I did.......

We missed you a lot too Julian. Just wished you would stop ignoring and hating on us for no apparent reasons. You're my brother and you are Mummy's son, nothing can change that fact. Why are you being so obnoxious to us? WHY???

 See the happiness in this photo. No words to describe!
 Fun at the arcade!

 Mother & Son killing zombies.

 I was feeding my prince some Yami Yogurt while he raced with Celine.
 And this shot showed my glutton side. Damn it. I look like some.. yeah.. glutton.
 CUTE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! His thumbnail photo for Mario Go-Kart. HAHAHA!

 My little prince. I love you, with all my heart and soul.
 Happiness. Pure bliss.

 Russel @ Swenson's. Being all cute and handsome as always.
 Some cam-ho with the boyfriend.
 Yes, I was wearing a leopard printed top!!
 Aftermath, we were supposed to bring Russel to Hougang Green to play some LAN games as per his request but we saw an Uncle Ringo carnival and decided to play the rides instead.

Look at James & Russel playing the bumper car rides. It was rather scary in my opinion but well, Russel had fun!

 Them stoning while Celine and I were ordering our Koi bubble tea.

Christmas this year was really awesome! It would have been better if Julian was around though.

Till we meet again darlings!

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