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Palty Hair Dye Review
Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hello earthlings!

Yes, I am still alive. But seriously, I know I am a failed blogger. (Not everyone who blogs is a blogger but well, whatever)

My lappy has crashed and I have cancelled my subscription for the mobile broadband service under M1. Can I be forgiven than?

My new M1 fibre broadband will be installed at my place this Friday and within the next 14 days of installation, I would be getting my new Acer Aspire Timeline X laptop! No need to hate me after that alright?

I promise I will keep blogging daily that you will get so sick of me! :)

Let's cut to the chase.

This long overdue review is getting very old so I'd just start right away..

So... Due to being invited to the FUNamania event for Channel U's 10th anniversary, I wanted to have a more presentable hairstyle. My black roots were coming out to scare e shit outta everyone so I had to do something to my ugly head.

I bought 2 DIY hair dyes from Watsons @ Tampines One.

For myself, I bought the Palty Girl Hair Treatment Bleach Natural Brown. I didn't really like the idea of the word "Bleach" in the dye as it would mean my hair getting really dry but a poor girl has no other choices. I was not only broke to go to a saloon but than also very busy to have enough time to step into one!!

 The colour was supposed to turn out like that as per the box but my hair wasn't very bright as a base to get this kinda results so yeah.
 I bought this colour for my Mummy. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they were really sweet cos they actually included a free nail art polish in the package. Makes my $13.90 seems more worth it! I was actually contemplating between this colour and the previous one cos both looked really sweet!

 Whatever that's in the box.
 This is my Mummy's before hair colour. Same as mine.. faded colour with black roots all coming out. Her colour was slightly darker than mine by a bit.
 View of her hair from the top.
 This is my hair from the top view. Yes, I have white hair since forever. You can see that the black roots are dying to take over my whole head soon!
 The bottom part of my hair.. the dye is still there and yes, they are still straight from my previous rebonding session. ( I forgot when though)
 The process.. Mummy's.
 The AFTERMATH! Though the roots cannot be covered but well... There's more colour to her hair. The difference ain't very obvious if you see from this photo but it's satisfying already, for a DIY hair dye. I mean one's gotta set their expectations properly right?
As for my hair, look at the front part of my fringe, it's actually very well-dyed besides the fact that my hair's quality now can be compared to that of dried leaves =D

So, let me give 7/10 for this DIY hair dye.
Different results on different hair textures though so don't solely take my word for it :D

Next post up very soon! Loves!


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