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Jasmin Tan Ee Lin
Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Here I am, doing this blog entry for a dear girl. 
I can't believe how easy it is to blog now via phone.
Just tapping on the blogger app & I can start on my entry immediately! :)

 Well,in this blog entry.. I will be introducing to you all about this dear girl of mine whom I've known for around 6 years! Yes,6 whole years. 365 days times 6!!!!  We first met while I was in Girls Home. We were in different dorms & didn't really communicated very frequently. I know she was a nice girl and all but we rarely had e chance to speak to each other. 

 Until we both were in the same "Quarters" dormitory.. "Quarters" dormitory was for those who were eligible to go for school or work during their confinement in Girls Home. We were in the same dorm, so we would end up talking to each other anyway. We started to communicate more each passing by & she turned out to be such an awesome friend. I admit that I'm a bully sometimes. I'll make her get my food for me & all and she wouldn't complain cos she really dote on me a lot. She has a really high IQ I tell you. She's damn smart,always coaching me in my Maths during my N levels period.  At times I'd scowl at her just cause she knocked on my bed accidentally while I was sleeping & she'd get so anxious that she'll write gazillion of "I'm sorry" on a foolscap just to ease my anger. You know one thing that I remember till now is the times we'll eat together in the dorms & she'll always wait for me to finish school to update her on everything. (On days that she was suspended) She'll ALWAYS ALWAYS keep my favorite "Vitasoy" chocolate flavored drink for me. She'll always give me hers cos she knows I love them! :) How sweet right? 

Once I did something wrong & was not allowed to go to school. Being confined in the dorm was a torture because I was away from my ex whom was in the same school as me. She helped me to smuggle messages & letters out and once even brought my ex to the road opposite girls home just for me to get a glimpse of him. She'd go the extra mile for me w/o any complains. I remembered the times we stayed pretty near each other & we would have meals with my grandma. I even had a meal with her family before to celebrate her birthday for her @ pizza hut.  We drifted for awhile for quite some time when we were both discharged from girls home. We weren't very close anymore but we still keep in touch. It was hard to keep in contact with her because she was busy with her "ex" & I was busy with Olevels & whatnots. 

The bad news came when I found out she had did something silly for her ex & had to be punished by the law again. I was devastated. It was like.. She just disappeared. I tried means & ways to get her address to write to her or to find a way to visit her. I went online to search. I called her parents but they didn't wanna reveal a thing. I didn't give up. I asked James to pretend to be her classmate & called her parents but nevertheless, they just wouldn't budge. :'(  What else could I do but wait? I was so angry that her ex had landed her into trouble. I wanted to get him out & strangle him.

Jasmin is a really silly girl. Naive also. She falls in love easily and is willing to do so much for the person she loves. But each time, she gets disappointed over & over again. They either make use of her or get her onto trouble. Even friends too. They make use of her always & I hate that. This year around the first quarter of the year. I chanced upon a status update on Jasmin's Facebook profile. I was stunned at first & thought to myself that someone must have hacked into her account. Up until she contacted me using Facebook message that I believed she had been released! I was over the moon, so happy that she was out here in the outside world with me. I couldn't wait to meet up with her. And so we met, & our friendship blossomed again. She'd have dinners at my place & always invaded her home like her own. We'd update each other on our lives even when we didn't meet. She's still the same. Falling in love ever so easily.. & I'll always nag her asking her to stop being so desperate to get in a rship because all e guys she've met haven't been really nice to her!!! I'll tell her to focus on her studies, to graduate from poly & become a private paralegal. I don't have a chance to get into poly, that's why I hope she can do her best! I'm always the more demanding & strict one even though she's older than me. I want her to walk the right ways & don't want her to get hurt. Like when she told me that she wanted to join MLM, I was against it. 

On Sunday night (13th of Nov), we sorta had a little squabble & I was really pissed off by her. I wasn't jealous. I was just over-protective. I've seen different types of people & I can easily look through people's hypocrisy & I damn well dislike people hurting Jasmin. I just don't want her to be close with people whom I think do not have good motives. That's why I got really furious & all.  This silly girl wanting me to forgive her & speak to her again actually stalked my twitter today, bought a double MacSpicy, fries & my favorite Iced Mocha Frappe and than got her friend, WK, to deliver it to my workplace. I was of course utterly surprised. This crazy silly girl. How could I still stay angry with her?? 

 And so my entry about this dear girl ends here. :) If anyone of you is interested to date my dear girl, please contact me. WHY? Because I have to make sure you'll treat her good! :) 

 Love you Jass.
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