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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I tried my luck and joined this contest with Amanda last few weeks. We were just fooling around and wishing that we could win the tickets and how lucky were we!


So, we have a total of  tickets. 1 for me,1 for Amanda,1 for June and the last one for Hui Qi. I am gonna rock Zirca with the girls tomorrow night! I cannot wait! This excitement is driving me crazy. We have been going on and on and on about what to wear for the day. It is ONLY 1 day away. How can my heart not flutter at work tomorrow?!!!!

The last few "FUNaMANIA" events seemed very glitz and glamour with a lot of stars that I would like to see! Guess who I really want to see?


Envy us because admission is STRICTLY by INVITATION only! 

Stay tuned! 

I will be filling in this blog with what we did at the event and how much fun we had! I will also be doing a review on a hair dye that I had just bought to re dye my black roots!

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