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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Here's the updates for the FUNAMANIA event that I attended. This will be more of a photo update than a wordy one :)
Actually... you can already see these photos on my facebook wall but hey, I promised to blog about it right :D

I designed my nails for the event, I couldn't draw the glittered heart shape design on my right hand cos my left hand sucks, okay fine cos I am right handed :) Whatever, so I came up with 2 designs instead. Pretty awesome huh? *Dwells in self-praise*

 The theme of the event was : I'm Gorgeous and I know it!
 Outfit for the day : Leopard printed dress that I brought from RAVISH LOOTS! This blogshop is owned by 2 of my friends and they sell really nice quality clothings! Go check them out!
 Let me introduce one of my girls to you. Her name is Hui Qi. She's still single :D & yeah look at her pig face.
 Amanda looking so fine as always and Hui Qi looking so funny as always.
 Start of the event, spot the stars!

 Very "GOOD" quality photo from the front camera of my Iphone 4 :)

 This is June, another one of my darling girls. See how she has to bend down to take a photo with me because she is just THAT tall. She's e tallest amongst us you know.

 Pornsak & Benjamin!! Look at what Pornsak is wearing. Only him & Christopher Lee can pass styles like this yo.
 I was very focused in getting his photos.
 CUTE HUH Mr. Pornsak!!!
 Qi Yuwu, looking cool.
 Idk what this face was supposed to mean but I guess she's tired.

 I love this dreamy look!
 I took photos with only 2 Mediacorp stars! One of them was Vivian Lai. (See below).. & the other one was with Pornsak!!!! *screams in joy* The photos are still hiding somewhere in June's camera if I am not wrong :( The most efficient "up-loader" in our clique is definitely Hui Qi. She deserves an award for that. Or maybe cos she's the one that has the most free time!! Haha.

 She has really a really nice complexion. Ya Hui.
 Joanne Peh! Sexy and she knows it :)
 Ian Fang smirking like always.
 Group Photo. Who is the most gorgeous of them all?

 In the toilet of Zirca.

 WE HAD SO MUCH FUN though we had to stand throughout the whole event.

 Hui Qi was really high when she requested a photo from Vivian Lai.
She went like : "LAI YI LING, 我可以跟你拍照吗? ( Vivian's chinese name followed by CAN I TAKE A PHOTO WITH YOU?" And she said that really loudly. She wasn't drunk though. After the photo, she told Vivian Lai that she was really beautiful and Vivian was so nice to return the compliment. :)

In fact, everyone was really friendly during the event. nobody showed any snobbish behaviours at all! 

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And before I finish this entry, WOON NIAN JUNE AND AMANDA PHUA!!!


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