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Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy 3rd year anniversary Baby!

It has been 36 months for us, 3 FULL years. I am really more than happy, I have no words to describe this happiness within me. You're my amazing boyfriend and I just know you will be my LAST. :) Just wanna say,thank you for the times you've given in to my ever changing & crazy temperamental mood. Thank you for allowing me to "abuse" at times =D I must say you make a good punching bag! Hehe! Although I always complain that you are not romantic but... You're all that I can ever ask for. A faithful & devoted guy, someone who wouldn't bear to break my fragile heart by cheating on me. I know you're not someone good with words & I understand that,really. No matter how many times I said that I hated you & all those hurtful words, you know I'll still stick by you till the end. I chose to give you my heart to you on the 19th of September 2008 at 5.50pm x) It's not long enough to be called eternity but I know we will get there somehow! I just know it!

I'll put in more effort to continue making our relationship a better one. & I know you will too. We have so much more ahead of us. <3 Babyboy, we'll have a great & unforgettable time in Bangkok. I will buy you our 3rd year gift there. I can never end this if I was given a chance to tell you how much I love you here. But I will stop typing and show you with my actions instead.


Happy 3 years & let's look forward to a 30 years ahead! ^^

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