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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello dearies!

I have been running from the East Side to town these 2 days and my energy has been depleting :(
Yesterday,me and colleagues had to head down to Comcentre to meet up with the salesmen/managers/whoever important there for a "get to know you" session.
Today,we had a training session at 5pm, of all timings huh.. It had to be so near to our knock off timing.
However,my motivation is here.I am really challenged for this new battle that is going to begin.
Luckily.. I am someone who has developed an interest in sales. The satisfaction of closing deals and interactions with clients just makes me feel inclined to succeed.
Tomorrow,I will have my own PC and I will start to follow up with existing clients and GET new leads.
Fellow friends, be prepared to hear from me :D

I didn't turn up for Fidah's last day celebration @ Safra today thanks to my training.
TGIF tomorrow people. We've survived the week and we are having a 4 days week next week. Let's be happy!
It's gonna be a long day tomorrow as we are going to have a birthday dinner with my babygirl, Emily <3

Boyfriend is currently addicted to this new app on Iphone (I forgot the name) and  he has been editing photos in his free time. Ain't my babyboy just cute?

If you want to know what the application is, leave a comment on this post and I will get back to you.

As for me,I kinda like this application called "Pudding Camera". The effects are really good. Good will be an understatement though. It has a DSLR effect and many other effects you can have fun with. I know there are loads of photo editing applications from Itunes at the moment and this is one of the better ones! I feel that it is way better than "Instagram". What's your opinion?

I have been so busy with work and life that I have neglected almost all the applications in my Iphone 4 :(
Only Twitter & Facebook is most loved.
I don't even have more than 20 songs in my Itunes. Yes, I am that lazy.

Still, I am loving my life. Suck that, whoever that has looked down on me before :D

Okay, Snow's Out.

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