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Monday, April 11, 2011

I've actually changed to using tumblr but I somehow suck at it =X I always tell myself to blog regularly but than it's so hard to NOT procrastinate. Haha. I think the layout of my blog is getting boring as well. Can anyone help to change my layout?? :D I promise I'll blog regularly soon. Anyway,I've started a new job in a new company. It's kinda slack for e first few days. (at e moment as well..) that's why I'm blogging :D Friendships between people has been pretty tensed up at e moment. I'll find a way to settle them soon. Give me sometime yup? I need to cool down as well. As for my 2 years 7 months relationship with James.. It's only getting better. I'll do my best to make everyday feel like a honeymoon period. I love you handsome! I hope mum can get a job pretty soon. Financially we're really tight.. But I believe we can make it through :) I'm 21 this year.., & it's already April of 2011. Time flies yeah? I'll blog again soon. Gonna ask bbg em to see if she can help me revamp my blog :D Peace out!

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