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Monday, May 16, 2011

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Okay,yes, I am a lazy bum :D

I have reallly been busy readers, please forgive me alright? From today onwards, I am going to be the ONE and ONLY person left in my department to battle! :( I have got to take care,pamper and dote on all the existing customers in my company and at the same time acquire new sales as well! It will of course wear me out! But hell yeah, I love the feeling. At least this is a job I like, (for now) :D and I have no complaints about it. My boss is an awesome man and I have a buddie buddie colleague there to walk this challenging route w me! Although she's going to be on medical leave from today till 18th of May, I'm sure we'll work hard together once she is back and well. For now, I shall conquer our department in independence & hope to survive this loneliness! HAHA!

I am in need of a facial like seriously, do you all have any recommendations at the moment? I have acne scars and dark eyebags on my face. If you use a torchlight to shine on my face now, you will get the shock of your life and you will run really far away.

Anyway, I received my health screening report recently and guess what, I am healthy :D I am shocked to see the results because firstly, I never really exercise. Serious. I hate exercising. If I had a choice,I would rather live as a potato coach. But I am going to change, I will start running with my baby at the stadium over the weekends.

I'm going to go get running shoes this weekend! ^^ Baby is training hard for his Muay Thai competition and I shall do my very best to show my utmost support! I know he can, & I know I can start exercising (L) The power of love! I know many girls will drool at the sight of my boy's six pack, I know he is HOT!

Also! I have started my regular intake of fruits. Apples & Strawberries~ I am still wondering though if I am supposed to vote on Polling Day. (May 7th 2011). Mum says since I am receiving growth dividends, I should be voting too. But James' dad says I wouldn't be voting. I shall wait for Nomination Day to be over tomorrow than.

I would like to apologize to all my friends out there that I am so sorry I did not have much time to catch up with you all due to my heavy work schedule. By the time I reach home daily, I am really too lazy to do anything more than checking twitter and facebook :( So although I do not text,call or whatsapp you guys.. You all can stay updated with my life by following my twitter or by adding me in Facebook. I do love all of you all just the same.

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