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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It is finally Mid-week tomorrow. There is just this little piece of happiness in all of us when Wednesday arrives! Why? Because we are in the middle of the week,away from the BLUES and nearer to the TGIF feeling! Hell yeah! \m/ 

The title of my blog entry has totally no link towards what I am going post today but it's just a random statement. Live w it yea! =D

Finally,I have learnt more things at work today.. I will put it into good use definitely. I just cannot imagine after one colleague leaves (last day on Friday) than my other partner is going off for medical leave on the 26th April till mid May. I am gonna be all alone =O which is frightening though. WHAT TO DO? Which kind soul is willing to come down to Changi North to lunch w me for those days? Heheheheheh.

Anyway, I am gonna do some free adverts for Burger King and Mcd today. No,I am not their ambassador of any sorts but as my friends know.. Whenever I have such good deals,I'd love to spread around the love to everyone. Okay,you can call me a cheapo or auntie or whatever puny cheapskate name you can think of but I don't really give a damn. If you love discounts and offers like I do, just save this 2 photos and than print them out to enjoy these offers for a limited time only!! I will of course keep posting such good deals up BUT if it is an imitation or fake or any sort, it's non of my business. I just spread around what people sends me.


Fillet-O-Fish Deal.
I don't really eat BK burgers but I like Sundae!

Anyway,should I jailbreak my Iphone 4? I dislike the hassle of having
to reformat and all that nonsense of waiting and waiting and waiting.
Yes, I am one impatient brat. & that sucks!
Tomorrow after work, I will be heading down to Hui Qi's late grandmother's wake. Hopefully she'd hv felt better by tomorrow. Oh yeah! Mum & I had just finished watching this HK drama that is really nice. Serious! I'd recommend to anyone who loves HK drama! There is my hottie Kevin Cheung acting in it. The last episode really ended me in sobs though. Dramatic estranged lovebirds. Do go get the DVD or get it on Funshion!

Only You.

Life has been mundane but ironically, it's simple.. Boyfr is training mad hard for his Muay Thai competition on the 20th of May. Weekdays,I'd be working real hard *puts on a serious face* and than he would be in his cosy little ASfitness gym training his muscles and giving people strong low kicks. Hahaha. Seriously, I truly cherish the weekends that we can spend together. It's as though he is in army because I receive little texts and almost no calls from him on weekdays. I'm not complaining though. I chose him, I chose to be with him and well, he is still growing up. Meh. Let's move on from this.

I feel really poor at the moment though. My bank account is running low low low low low.
I am waiting for the salary for my services provided at the IT Fair & from GAI. (You don't have to know what is this) 
And than I am waiting for the funds from the government, my FIRST growth dividends! Haa! I know you wish you was 21 this year right? TOO BAD!

And lastly, my first salary for working in Accesstech. 

I learnt a lame thing from Rod Monteiro today so I am using his lingo to say goodbye to all of you.

Snow OUT!

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