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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


There is so much going on at the moment that I do not know where to start.
Firstly, Rest In Peace Stanley Seah.
You used to call me "Jie" and you will always be a little brother in my heart.
I remember there was once.. I was upset, walking up the stairs to cool myself down.
You as a dear boy,followed me close behind.. Accompanying me and telling me not to be upset.
This happened many many years back.. But it is a memory that has been carved into my heart.
After I left Serangoon Garden Secondary,we lost all contact and seldom saw each other anymore.
The very last time I saw you,was early this year.. At St James Power Station.
I waved at you and you waved back. You looked a little drunk.. & I wondered if you could recall who I was.
I couldn't attend the wake and I feel terrible. I hope you understand, I am speaking to you in my heart.
No matter how I am judged by others, I just need you to understand.
I really hope that the cab driver who caused this accident, say something to your parents. Everyone is mouring and trying to deal with this grief.. & we hope that he can do something to at least make your parents feel better.

We promise.

You will be someone whom I will never ever forget. Bro.

A friend of mine, Aelda, has given birth to yet another cute baby. My first God-daughter would be this cute little girl by the name of Fedora Kong.


& just a day ago,she gave birth to Baby Teryle. My god-son ^^

I cannot visit Baby Teryle in the hospital as well :( Sigh.

People are making up a big fuss just because I said that it was going to be a public holiday on May 6th. I really read that piece of news on ASIAONE's website. Oh please, I was just sharing what I know.. If there isn't, than too bad for you,for me, for everyone of us. Stop acting high and mighty and poking into people's affair non stop. You are just a....nobody seriously. Who are you to bother about me? You are stalking us real badly, or are we the only people on your facebook?
I am getting really short tempered lately, everything and everyone seems to be getting on my nerves and irritating me. So please,stay away from my tail. (YES,PMS)

Ok,Imma getting too pissed to blog.

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