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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

JOLENE is heading to Supperclub this FRIDAY NIGHT for MUST DRINK FRIDAY ! :D
Oh man, I am excited. 91.3 texted me this afternoon to inform me that I am invited to their MUST DRINK FRIDAY event. Am overjoyed. Actually,I've heard that Supperclub is always crowded and full etc but this was a different event so well, hope it turns out great! Am going with James and he is stepping into a club for the very first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I am going to bring a small young boy out. Do I sound like an evil person or what?

Anyways,STAR SEARCH 2010 is finally here. I really really want to join !
But can I make it? Oh my oh my, I am paranoid all over again, thinking that I may be too full of myself to join the competition.
Singapore Media Academy is offering a crash course for those who wants to join Star Search. They are organising a STAR SEARCH BOOT CAMP from 17th May to 31st and if one of the participants shows great talent during the course, they would be put into Star Search immediately without the need to audition!!! The Boot Camp costs $550 though :( That is the only thing that is obstructing my pathway towards my dream. BUT I SO WANT to go!! I want to join Star Search.

Should I ?
Comments please!

P.S: My fighting spirit to work is no longer there. My interest is just NOT there.

Life sucks,I suck,you suck D:

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