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Spaghetti Hair again !
Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello all :)

I have once agn rebonded my hair and this time,I have shorterned my fringe.
Just feel like having a new style :)

Hope the bombastic hair don't grow out tt quickly.
Thank you for a wonderful woman like James's mum.
She is awesome ^^

I simply love her to the max.

I can't wait for birthday lunch w BROs and Mum + Baby tmr.
Have not figured where we should be eating.

Ding Tai Fung? Pizza Hut? Seoul Garden? Jack's place.

Baby received his anni present from me today.
Poor guy came to deliver to Baby's house so early in the morning & tt irritating Baby was still asleep.

Thank God for his ever-so-nice daddy.

The lady boss of SECONDS, located at Hougang Ave 8, near the UOB bank tried to guess my age.

& you know what? For the first time in my life,
Someone said tt I was 25? Freaking 25?!!!
& she said that James was 30....  LOL!

It was hilarious.
When I divulged my real age,she apologized profusely but I was not affected at all.
Maybe I had no make-up on? That's why I looked old?
I look so fugly without make up please.

I have been so busy with work that I am neglecting my story.
If I continue this way,when will I be able to publish my book?

Sorry,Mr Chua.I will get "Immoral" done as soon as I can.

Eczema is still affecting me badly. I hate it.
Tried so many different medications already.
Just slapped on some Aloe Vera Gel. Hope it works pls.

Am going to slap on Facial Mask w Baby later on.
Shitssxxx, eyebrow not trimmed.

Auhhssss. Sloth,sloth GO AWAY.
Leave me alone please....

Shall snap lots of photos tmr & you all will get to see my beautiful hair :)

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