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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I have been updating my blog.

I think I have become so immuned with work. Everyday I rush through phone calls, dealing with so many customers, trying my best to give good performance.
I put up with shit for the sake of the money.
Oh please,let me earn my sch fees as soon as I can.
I'd rather study.
I dislike having a sales job so I am currently dealing with an office job.
However,its not easy.
It wears me out too.
Am just glad that Ferlyn is there to make merry with me everyday :)
We can laugh at anything and that is how our working days pass that quickly.
Time passes so fast!
I've been working in this company for five months, Wan Er and Hui Qi are leaving soon.
That's really saddening. I'll miss them so :(
All the gossiping and the laughter.
They mean so much to me.
Thank God for Ferlyn or I'd have lonely days ahead.

To sum it up, I have been doing fine.. In case anyone wanted to know :)
I'm just literally working my ass off. Literally.

The time for me to sleep is so little, but I am hanging on :)
At least my Baby hugs me to sleep every night.

Mum has went to Ang Mo Kio GRC to seek help,hope we'd be able to buy/rent a cheap house very soon.
Julian is growing up, Russel too.
I am sad that I cannot watch them grow up than again, I am doing my best as a sister.

Today is Baby and me's anniversary.
Happy 1 year & 6 months!

I love James, he is a really good guy,bringing laughter to me every day.
He bought me a sweet beautiful dress and I bought him a gym ball.

He's gonna love it :)
I just know it.

We didn't celebrate it today because I had to do overtime :(
Darn the stock count.
It kills me.

We're celebrating it on Sunday, bringing my rascals out and celebrating Mum's birthday too.
3 in 1 :)

Have to reach work @ 830am tomorrow.

Shall blog next time!

P.S : I hate eczema. It's disgusting and it's sickeningly attrated to me :(


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